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    Financial help badly needed

    philowood Newbie
      Hello.... Im not to this fourm stuff, so I hope i make sense. Im a small cabinet shop that employees 1 fulltime, 1 parttime, then there is my husband and I. I made some VERY VERY stupid mistakes about 10 years ago, and I am now haveing to deal with the IRS. They levy my accounts, they go after my customers, and they have put a lein on my business and house. I NEED HELP!!! My business is worth about 500,000.00, I owe only $80,000 on my business. No car loans, no loans on equipment!!! I cant find a bank that will work with me.

      My husband and I have poured our lives, and life savings into this business. I just want to save my business, and I want the IRS off our backs. Does any one have any GOOD information, or does anyone know of a bank that will work with this type of sitution???

      Thank you