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    Impact computers had horrible

    vivian1984 Newbie
      Impact computers had horrible!!! absolutely horrible customer service. They shipped the wrong drive which was urgently needed by me. It resulted in the delay of my project which required it thus resulting in a huge loss. Then, they made me pay for shipping it back, then charged me 15% restocking fee. The trauma did not stop at this. They promised to get back to me regarding sending the correct part number, but did not respond until I inquired about it a week later. In the end all I got was, sorry we do not have the part number you need in stock, when right from the first moment, that exact part number was what they had advertised as 'in stock' on their website'. They took one whole month to inform me about this If you value your dignity as a human being do not give these guys any business! They make their living on charging people fees for mistakes that they intentionally make.
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          Impact computers

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            Iwrite Pioneer
            "But when I do a search for them they are at the top of the page, and all the reviews on their sites are positive."

            All of which means nothing to Vivian since they screwed up the order and the customer service afterwards.

            This is what I recently posted about. Nothing matters as much as the customer's experience.

            The claim that Impact Computer makes of providing excellent service doesn't mean much compared to Vivian's experience. And how many people are going to see this post and be less inclined to do business with Impact Computers? I know I am.

            Vivian, I'm sorry this happened and hopefully you got your computer up and running. Thanks for sharing