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    Nero fiddled, are you Tweeting as your Rome burns?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      Let me start by saying I love the internet, I'm on it each day.

      But some of you are missing the point of the digital revolution - the web is not a place to come and scream your message, it is a place to foster and build relationships with people who can become your customers.

      Stop selling and start talking!

      SEO and social marketing will not save your business if you are not talking to people, human beings. The web gives consumers OPTIONS, they don't have to buy from you because you're top of the Google search list, not if the experience is bad, not if the story is weak.

      Some of us have become that person at the party or gathering who anytime you try to talk to them all they are interested in is talking about themselves. You know the person, they pretend to be interested in you but they are only looking for an opportunity to tell you about what is going on in their lives. Businesses can do this with their marketing and advertising, especially on the web.

      "I don't want relationships, I want sales," I can hear some of you saying. And to that I am saying, "relationships are sales, stronger, more loyal sales. Customers who believe and trust you will buy more and pay the price for it."

      Take a minute and look at your online marketing and see if you are Tweetering while your kingdom burns?
      Can visitors navigate your website easily?
      Do you talk to visitors or at them?
      Can they trust you and your message?
      If there is a problem, how easily is it resolved?
      Do people like my business or are they price driven?
      Do my Tweets, LinkedIN, Facebook, Myspace and other social marketing efforts open a conversation?

      I have begun to cull my Twitter list of people I follow because I am tired of them not saying anything, wasting my time.

      I wonder how many of the people that follow you are thinking the same thing?

      This is not an anti-Twitter post, just the opposite, it is an attempt to get us to look harder at what we are doing to see if we can do better.