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    Transfer to Ning or keep website as is?

    spiritualsoci Newbie
      I have recently launched a website after extensive investment, labour and energy! It has a nice brand and feel, but it is totally bespoke which means that each time things need to change I have to pay the designers. Not to mention the time lag for getting bugs fixed. It is getting very costly and returns will be slow as is the nature of the net...

      I am having to make a hard decision about cutting my losses and would appreciate some help.

      Should I have it transferred to Ning?

      If so will I be able to keep the independent look and feel so it's not just a another Ning site of which there are so many?

      Also can I keep the copyright to the code and if fate smiles on me, then sell the site as a viable concern later?

      Is it also possible to transfer all the site incl member details and content without the members being adversely affected?

      Is there anyone actually making money from a ning site??

      Can anyone please help as I need to make a choice about this soon.

      Many thanks in advance!