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    Scanning OLD BOA bank statements

    TurnAround Newbie

      Is there anyway to scan old Bank of America bank statements into a SPREADSHEET format that can be easily imported into Quicken?

      Alternatively, is there a commercial service that will do the same?

      I've fallen way behind on taxes, and I am currently entering individual transactions dating back to 2006 by hand, and hope there is a better way.

      My understanding is that my period extends to far back to export through BOA's normal online banking site, but if the bank makes older electronic records available in downloadable form for a fee, I would gladly consider the cost!

      Thanks for any suggestions, recommendations, or links off site!
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          bwoods Newbie

          Hi there,

          Yes!! I have the solution for you :-)
          Our product AutoRec combines our own software development with a leading OCR engine to solve this problem. Customers of ours are doing Bank Recs and subsequent analysis between 60 to 85% faster, depending on the size of the batch of statements being analysed.The bigger the batch of statements (pages), the higher % time saving you will get. Any more than about 5 pages is worthwhile.


          It is a three step process of simply SCAN - PROCESS - ANALYSE


          SCAN - Scan Bank Statements in order, earliest first (ensure running balance ties in in consecutive pages)


          PROCESS - The layout of AutoRec means the user can interact with the resultant OCR breakdown and correct where a "non-numeric" has ocurred, for example a heavy crease on the page etc.


          ANALYSE - Once the running balance has been verified and achieved, the user clicks buttons for debits and credits analysed by description, and also if reconciliation needs to take place against an accounting module or a clients payment records, this is do-able also


          The output is an excel worksheet with different sheets for direct debits (and transfers), Cheques and Lodgements, outstanding Cheques


          If your accounting package allows automatic upload in CSV format then even better, these various worksheets are easily uploadable as CSVs.


          Please visit our website to see an online demo, customer testamonials etc. We are pretty new to the market - since last October, but some of our customers tell us they've been searching for a similiar solution for about 10 years. My business partner is a chartered accountant and came to me with the problem (as I am a programmer) when we were working together in a big hedgefund administration company saying that it was the most frustrating thing in the world for him. 12 months later ... we released AutoRec and accountancy firms up and down the country are lapping it up. We're based in Dublin, Ireland ... haven't tried to tackle the US yet (watch this space) but we'd love to help you out if we can.

          If you are only looking for a one off job ... you may not be interested in purchasing the software ... but we would certainly offer to do the job for you for a fee. We provide outsourcing services to other accountancy firms for this work as an alternative to their purchasing our software.

          I hope this helps ...


          Best Regards,
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            KathleenF Scout
            With so many banks going online and digital, I would reach out to the bank and find out if it's possible to get old statements.

            Contact customer service it sure wouldn't hurt. I'd be very cautious of any downloadable software. It's better to be safe than sorry!