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    Clever advertising...... How to get on top

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      It doesn't matter if you have the best location with a lot of walk in traffic, or if you are off location in a high rise building. If you don't have the edge you are not going to get the clients. McDonalds has the most effective marketing ever. "Do you want fries with that"? It costs about $0.08 for a large frie and they charge at least $1.00. Effective marketing is offering an add on to their original order. 60% of the people accept. We offer the "Clever Edge" That you are looking for. If you advertised that your client can get back $300 in Master Cards back when theyt signed up with your business or purchased your product or even get $500 in groceries with our holiday special. Being able to over come what your competition is doing is easy when you offer something that everyone uses. Email me for more information at