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    Image and Artwork Commercial Licenses Available

    djwoodmansee Newbie
      If you are a business or a manufacturer that uses and has a need for fresh, beautiful images or fine art for any of the following items: T-shirts, Jigsaw Puzzles, Toys, Greeting Cards, Clocks, Gift Items, Playing Cards, Picture Frames, Shopping Bags, or ANY product where you want to place an image. Then you've come to the right place!

      If you're a print manufacturer or a publisher that needs images for Product Labels, Book Covers, Magazine Articles, Calendars, Posters, Bookmarks, Giclee' Prints, Art on Canvas, or Prints of various sizes. Then you've come to the right place!

        Are you a business or manufacturer that's tired of paying royalties. keeping track of impressions and individual usages and then feeling like you're being "nickel and dimed" to death? And after all of that, seeing your competitors are using some of the same images? I can help!

      Allow me to introduce myself, I'm former New York photographer and artist Daniel J. Woodmansee, now living on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida and I'm offering exclusive commercial reproduction licenses worldwide for my unique images. These licenses are non-restrictive! Options include North American only, Global excluding North America or Global INCLUDING North America.

      5 years, 10 years or lifetime options are available. These licensing rights are completely royalty free! 
      With me, "pay one price" means just that! After you have purchased the license you can reproduce it as many times and market it in any way that YOU want to, without ever having to pay another cent for using that image during your license term! You can use your licensed image for any or ALL of the above uses and more! Basically, your only usage limit is your imagination!

      Discounts ALWAYS available for multiple purchases and returning customers.

      With me, Exclusive means that at MOST, one company in North America and ONE company for the rest of the world will be licensed at any one time to reproduce, use and market these images. If you purchase the Global INCLUDING North America rights, you will be the only one in the WORLD legally able to reproduce, use and market your image!

      Most images are 36" x 53" (2592 X 3872 pixels) or 27" x 36" inches (1944 x 2592 pixels), 72 DPI, depth is 8 bits. These images are all NEW, never before marketed and never placed on products. They have also never been used in any advertising other than for myself!

      The licensee may adjust the color, the size, the DPI, compile a derivative, add any text or your company logo, etc.

      You are not purchasing the copyright, copyright must be on reproductions if feasible, but can be any size and in any location on image. Copyright and complete ownership of an image MAY be possible, contact me and we can discuss it.