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    Neighborhood Blogging

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      I once read an e-book from an internet marketing company that said they created 50 different pages for a local business website. The idea was to have a targeted page for each town in the coverage area to increase search engine rankings.


      I thought this was a great idea, so I went to work on it immediately.
      I mapped out the local towns and created a couple of pages, but soon
      abandoned the project because it was boring, time-consuming and I was
      creating ‘hidden pages’ with ‘duplicate content.’


      But after converting my wife’s property management website to WordPress, I had an alternate strategy.


      *With +WordPress +I am able to add a new blog post for
      each town in our coverage area. This creates a new page for the search
      engines to index, with keyword rich URLs.* The content of each post includes zip codes, keywords and links.


      This improves our search engine rankings by adding new, relevant content to the site.
      For smaller, more obscure searches, we are able to dominate the
      rankings. If there is a certain area that we want to focus on to get
      more leads, we can simply write more posts about those particular


      In our case we created +Property Management Perspective +which is a series of local reports on the towns and neighborhoods in our coverage area. We give quality insider information on the area and current rental market.


      This strategy can be applied to any type of local business. The posts should not be hard to write since you already know the area and can give some expert advice.