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    How to start a Mini Help Desk enabling business?

    joolwee Newbie
      I created a tool called mini help desk widget for business websites.
      You can reach the FAQ section on to find details. The service is very good and convenient to use. How can I quickly help more and more business websites to enable it?

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          phanio Pioneer
          If you plan to sell this online - you have to find ways to market your business online. This could be optimizing your website or finding out information about your potnetial customers - then developing a marketing strategy to put the right message in front of them.

          Would also like to suggest what many businesses do today. Create two or more versions of your mini help desk with one being an extremely stripped down version with basic functions. Offer this basic package for free - then try to get users to upgrade to the other options with more features.

          Once a customer has your free version, you can then market to them directly touting the benefits of upgrading.

          Or, you might even offer the basic service for a short trial period. Then market your service or product as such. You will get a lot more response from this. Then, once these customers know about you and your business - work on getting them to upgrade or renew for your subscritpion price.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            How to start a Mini Help Desk enabling business, Welcome

            Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info

            also you should *develop a business plan and contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.*<!--Session data-->
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              lindataylor222 Newbie

              We offer a free web-based IT Help Desk for IT Professionals.  Your product sounds interesting, although more geared more towards customer service.


              My suggestion... send a short pitch about your product to technology bloggers and journalists to review it.  If they find value, they'll probably write about it giving you exposure that you did not have to pay for.  Just your time writing to them.


              You can make a pitch to them using services like or


              Good luck with your product!



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