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    Website Designers are not SEO'ers

    iyazam Adventurer
      Lets face the facts: People who build websites are not SEO'ers. I know...the web designer promised you that he will create an "optimized site that will be on page 1" within no time. (You've probably heard the old joke: Web designers keep the SEO people in business....)

      Over the past few weeks I've met with a few Start-ups that invested lots of money in building a company website. Now that its time for marketing they can't figure out why no one is contacting them through Google or why they can't even find themselves in Google.

      After one look at their website I am already thinking to myself - here is another sad story of a company that paid thousands of dollars for a website they have no control over and will most likely need to create a new one.


      Most web design firms don't deal with the SEO aspects of building a website. This will backfire on you in the long run! When you are sitting down to meet with the web designer the topic of discussion should be: What are the critical elements for creating an SEO Google friendly website, what will be the ingredients that will help your website get found in the search engines etc.. These should be the web designers first comments. If the web designer is not talking about these issues - may this serve as a red light to you.

      The Web Designer of today must be a true master in the field of SEO. There is no need to do the work twice. Its always better to do it once and right the first time!

      If you need a true affordable Web Designer & SEO person (the ideal situation) I can recommend someone just for you!
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          dpeterson Wayfarer
          Good post. Those buying web design typically don't know exactly what is needed to produce a quality site with quality traffic,

          However, I don't want to clump all of the web site designers into this category because many are excellent at conducting SEO programs for their clients. However in my own business I do handle some accounts as well as sales training here in Atlanta. With that being said the post is correct. I spend a lot of time throughout the week calling on web designers and pitching my client's back-end SEO link building process:

          I don't like to think of web site designers as being bad at the SEO tasks. I like to think that these routine SEO tasks are extremely time consuming which cuts into the designers creative design time. So my client and I just take those routine types of duties off of their plate. What I and my client do leave to the web designer is all of the in-site SEO processes that must be completed. All of the designers that I work with do have a good feel on how a page or site must be structured for SEO purposes.

          So I agree web site designers are not SEO'ers, but the good ones know that and farm those routine task off to other companies that specialize in those tasks.

          David Peterson - President: Altanta Sales and Consulting
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            LegendarySEO Newbie
            I agree for the most part.

            I see websites everyday that are nothing more than
            "billboards on a dirt road" nobody sees. Many of
            the best looking, expensive sites have no SEO
            or SEM system built in at all.

            Combine that with no lead capture/follow up system
            on most sites and you're looking at a near total
            waste of the websites' potential.

            Many peple are using pay per click because they really
            don't understand how SEO works. That can be costly
            but can also be looked at as a "loss leader" if necessary.
            (It does work if managed properly.)

            These problems were so common, I started a new division
            dedicated to working with businesses to help them with
            SEO. You can request a free web analysis from:


            A very in depth report that tells what you need to be doing
            now to get serach engine traffic.

            Hope that helps some, but great advice on doing your
            homework before hiring a webmaster :-)

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              You should be recommending me lol. I am a san diego based web designer and have every client of mine on first page of Google. You are right that most designers dont do SEO. Well i agree. I am very good at this. If you need any work contact me
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                The converse is also true: SEO'ers are not website designers or art directors. You can have the best SEO incorporated into your site and it can be so poorly designed or laid out that visitors spend little or no time on your site.

                Here is a term that we all need to consider when building a site - "User Experience." If the experience of the user is bad, nothing else matters, period. Sure, you'll be ranked high but you still won't have the sales.

                Your website is no different than a brick and mortar location, the harder it is to navigate, the less time people want to spend with it. If people can't find what they are looking for easily, they will look elsewhere.

                A good designer understands this and helps with issues of flow and clutter. They understand how the human eye tracks and reads, and designs accordingly. Both like anything else, there are good and bad designers and SEO'ers, it is important to stop shopping price and go for quality.

                I admit that I am frustrated by the division being drawn between the two, when in a perfect world they should be working together to create a great site. The economy has forced people into roles that they are not trained or experienced in. Be careful in your search for help with your website.
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                    snvservices Wayfarer
                    It is exactly a truth that SEOers are not web designers as, they are like you can get people who are doing SEO and at the same time they have a team of web designers too so, it goes hand in hand as, the people who wants the SEO to be done on their site then we can also suggest them for having a good design for the web site which is necessary.

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