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    Free SEO Analysis

    seoservicepro Ranger
      I do this every now and then in a forum. I'll give a quick review of your website. A full SEO report takes time and I have to charge for that. But I can analyze a site and give general advice on how you can improve it in just a few minutes.

      A little background;

      name; Chris McElroy

      experience; More than 30 years of sales experience with 14 of those being on the web. I make my living selling stuff on the web and have been since 1995. I code html from scratch by hand. I can optimize any web page and have a good chance of ranking it on the front page of search engines in a short amount of time depending on how competitive your search term is and the level of your competition, age of your domain name, etc. I manage a lot of business blogs for clients, so I know how to use blogs for SEO and for sales. I'm one of the first people to use article marketing as a tool for driving traffic to websites.

      So, my advice is more about how to improve sales and create more leads than just about SEO. An SEO analysis is more technical and takes more time. But if you want a free assessment of how you can improve your sales, make a comment and give me a link to your website.

      Tell me all you can about your product.

      Tell me your current conversion rate if you know.

      Tell me the source of most of your traffic if you know.

      Let me know if you are using ppc or have in the past.

      Let me know any search terms you rank for on the front page of Google or other search engines.

      Anything else you think is relevant.

      You can send me a private email or message if you prefer, but others learn when it is posted in forums like this. But I'll do it either way.