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    Need a custom software or a dynamic web application? Newbie

      I represent a team of the highly motivated software developers from Ukraine. We provide the full process of the custom applications development. We are interested in the next areas:

      · Network applications
      · Business management applications
      · Client-server applications
      · CAD/CAE technology implementation
      · Scientific application development
      · Mobile solutions
      · Firmware
      · Dynamic web applications

      There are the most native for us areas but we have a general knowledges to
      investigate the other problem and give a solution.

      Also we provide offshore stuffing service. This will make possible for you to
      integrate our developers into your team and build a spaced team which follows only your
      project development rules if you cannot or need not to outsource a project.

      For more detailed info please feel to contct me by skype ('borys_dubenko') or by the email (jazzros.devatcom).

      Borys Dubenko.