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    Holiday ad competition...How to have the edge.

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      Yes, the holiday season is here. People are packing up and getting ready for next year. WRONG! Not everyone calls Thanksgiving the end of the year in business. Having the edge to compete is important. Our product will give you the edge that you need. Offer a $300 gas of grocery certificate to counter the cost of your product. Or offer $500 in gas or groceries. These certificates are a value that your customer is going to remember every month when they send in $100 in receippts to get that $25 mastercard. $300 is 12 months of getting a $25 mastercard. Word by mouth plays a good role because you are the company giving money away! Also if you have a tight budget for Christmas, Why not give away $300 in groceries to your hard working employee? The cost is a small fraction of what you are giving away. Email me for details on our program fast! Before you know it we will be saying "Happy New Year"!