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    Pay per click

    rstein9207 Newbie
      I am interested in hearing anyone's experiences in using pay per click for their business. I am trying to collect as much information on this as possible.
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          NatOnline Tracker
          Welcome to the BoA forum,

          My experience was short, started to spend with a lot of clicks but no conversions into sale.

          I think to be efficient budget should be a few hundred per month, which mean to get ROI you have to sell 3 times the Adwords compaign amount.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Hope this helps - -

            Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content websites/blogs, where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser's website. Advertisers bid on keywords they predict their target market
            will use as search terms when they are looking for a product or
            service. When a user types a keyword query matching the advertiser's
            keyword list, or views a page with relevant content, the advertiser's
            ad may be shown. These ads are called a "sponsored
            ads" and appear next to or above the "natural" or organic results on search engine results pages, or anywhere a webmaster/blogger chooses on a content page.

            Pay per click ads may also appear on content network websites. In this case, ad networks such as Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network attempt to provide ads that are relevant to the content of the page where they appear, and no search function is involved.


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              Conversion Newbie
              Based on your description, you may also want to look into Affiliate Marketing as an advertiser. would be a great start (others:, Companies upload banners, text links, etc. with trackable (to your website) links, so as described in your post, someone goes from to the local business website and purchases, you'll be paid. Some companies/merchants already on will also provide any PPC links and their conditions of use of their 'Branded Terms' for PPC.

              However, if the local merchants you are talking about do not have an affiliate program setup already, there could be another appeal to your business you can look into developing. If you are doing product specific marketing, PPC will treat you just fine. You will have plenty of keywords to choose from to promote gifts for sale on your site. From the generic "gift for my girlfriend/wife" to "<insert brand name> perfume" or whatever the product may be.

              Once you have traction on the PPC and some volume coming through your site, you can always create a "Top 10 gifts purchased for women" or "Hottest gifts" on the various landing pages/home page. There is something to be said in the 'Wisdom of Crowds'.

              Hope this helps!
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                nathan@ds Newbie
                An earlier thread from this forum had a good discussion about mistakes to avoid in your pay per click campaign.

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                  42n8lady Newbie
                  I have met many young people raking in thousands from their Pay Per Click Marketing, kids from 15 years old. There are many ways you can earn from PPC. One is to have a very good landing page where the customer is taken to so he can buy whatever it is you are offering. This can be one page with good content about your product. It can also be just a streaming video (and this is the latest thing), or you can have a website that is content driven (with lots and lots of info and links to other relevant sites.) The key to big returns is in your choice of keywords or search phrases which the customer will be typing into a search box to look for the item he is interested in. Let's say that your landing page is attractive and is "google" relevant ( ref: Lighthouse's explanation) you have to choose several keywords that can send your client to your website and not to anyone else's. These keywords can run from 30 to 2,000. It has become a real science. The goal is to pay as little as possible per click. If you choose a mediocre keyword you could be spending a hundred dollars a day with maybe just one sale.

                  You can use, put in your keywords and your proposed budget/bid amount and you can get a better idea if your site is a winner or not. Play around the googleadwords site and you can get a lot of helpful data there. What's more, it's free. You can also try or They have free trials and sometimes offer just $20.00 for a limited time use. If you are serious about PPC, spend on

                  There are so many free information regarding PPC. Check out "", Jeremy Palmer,the guy who runs the website earns more than a million $ per year. There's Cody Moya , Anik Singal, Scott Miller, Kirt Christensen, Greg Cesar, David Bullock. Then there's Simon Leung who was the head honcho of google adwords but now runs his own show.

                  And you don't have to register with google alone, here are other search engines, it will be definitely cheaper too. But of course, google, yahoo and msn do bring a lot of traffic. However, for PPC, you want total control on who visits your site / views your ads and each misplaced click can really hurt your pocketbook. It also depends on what kind of product you're offering .
                  Just a fews word of advise: Don't let your product rule you. Check which products get a lot of hits and try to go for similar ones. TRY affiliate marketing as well where you earn by selling other peoples' products.

                  Good Luck!
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    My one experience was like NatOnline's . . . lots of clicks, no conversions. I did speak with a person in this community (BizOnline) who outlined a program that guaranteed conversions from pay-per-click, so I may explore that for a new product release next spring. Good luck with your search for info!
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                      Biz Online Adventurer
                      Hi rstein9207, welcome to SBOC!

                      Pay per click works great for a lot of types of businesses; product sellers and service providers. Product sellers get immediate results if their website offers ecommerce (credit processing for orders, a shopping cart, etc.) Service providers are searching for leads, and pay per click is a means for those to help make the telephone ring.

                      These two divisions make a big difference in what you are offering, either a product or a service, in the ad copy, the keywords you are targeting, the customer/target market, and the landing page where your ads are pointing towards.

                      The old adage "build it and they will come" doesn't work that way on the internet. Since this is a new website, your top priority would be to create profitable revenue. Many new sites, even if they are highly optimized, may take months to get recognition in the search engines. Pay per click can be the bridge between your site coming up in the rankings.

                      What I mean by profitable revenue is building a pay per click campaign that will allow you income while you are waiting on your search engine optimization to work for your site. Pay per click advertising is completely measurable and manageable, and you have the ability to turn it on/off, set daily budgets, and spend what you want to spend.

                      I posted the Three Most Common Mistakes in Pay Per Click in the Internet/eCommerce Forum, so take a look at that before you make the leap.

                      Also, PPC is not the only way to drive traffic. Once your site is up, spend four hours of your time posting on different blogs related to your target market. You'll receive traffic, and then analyze that traffic to find out why they didn't buy. This four hour test will give you an idea on the power you have creating your own message, without pay per click.

                      Hope this helps!