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    Need advice on best legal structure or entity for a research group

    absxml Newbie

      I along with three other people in the filed of IT and
      Biotechnology want to work together to come up with a proposal. We do
      not know what it will be at this point until we work together and do
      some more research.
      Basically this will be a research group focused on coming up with a
      proposal for opportunities in Biotechnology field with IT solutions.

      My question is what is the best legal structure or entity we should
      form at this point. We will not be selling or providing service at this
      point and main purpose will be to identify the opportunity and develop
      a proposal and later look for funding it.

      We need a kind of partnership stating that we will
      have equal share and stake in what ever we come up with. Everyone will
      be contributing their time and experience for research.

      I was looking for something that will protect everyones vested interest and can be formed without much hassle and later when we can come up with something can incorporate it.

      Would appreciate your advice and direction.