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    Accounting Software required: London Taxi Company

    cannon11 Newbie

      We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.

      We are new in the business and we require to buy a good accounting software. Can anyone please advice which software will be suitable for us as we are a small business and also which one will be relaiable and affordable.

      Thank you
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          mrmike110 Newbie
          Here is my main tracking software. Its not cheap, but not expensive. $199


          Also, if you want to go a little cheaper, heres another for $99.


          My online advice when searching for accounting software is not to look at price. You want something that can do everything you want it to do, and still be user friendly. For instance lets say you spend $20 on accounting software, but do to its bad platform you wind up losing $5,000 over the year...its not worth it. Those two above are pretty easy to handle for a small business. Once you start moving up though, you may want to look into hiring a book-keeper/accountant.
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            phanio Pioneer
            I believe picking your accounting software depends on your account knowledge. There are many free and low costs products out there - but, since they are low costs - they also require you to have a bit of accounting knowledge. The more expensive packages will do a lot more for you thus you don't need that much accounting knowledge.

            There was also mention here about Intuit - Intuit also has an online version (nothing to download, upgrade or load into your systems) and that can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. Microsoft as offers a very basic free program that can be downloaded.

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              sithu77 Newbie
              I would like to suggest you a free online accounting software, Numia, where you can record and process small business accounting transactions within functional modules. This Free Online Bookkeeping Software provides an easy way to keep
              users accounts information online with reliable and secured data
              transfer. They got video tutorials to assist users to create and manage their accounts. Hope it might fulfill your requirement.
              Make good use of it. Give me feedback if you like it, so that i can suggest it to more users.