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    Poll:  Do you give holiday gifts/favors to clients?

    amspcs Ranger
      Just comparing notes: How many of your small business service providers give holiday gifts or favors to your clients?
      If you do, what do you give, and how much do you spend on each client on the average?
      Happy holidays to all.
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          I normally do a gift basket of homemade baked goods. The baskets don't cost much but time, but we have never had any complaints. We even get requests for additional baskets but it is a holiday thing.

          This year is going to be the first year we don't do the baskets, and I am bummed about it but it is a hard candy Christmas.
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              dkinaz Wayfarer
              Absolutely! Especially this year! The gift basket of baked goods is the best idea I believe, first and foremost, it comes from the heart. It is inexpensive, and a little goes a long way.
              People and their businesses are feeling the pinch, (including yours I'm certain) and it is those baskets that keep people feeling as if there's a glimmer of hope and a feeling "home" at the same time. These dollar stores have "nice" bags and boxes to hold the items in as well as cards to personalize. Don't short sell the homemade goodies.

              A couple of boxes of generic rice crispies and a bag of marshmallows (butter too) go a very very long way, buy a box of Instant Hot Chocolate, add a couple of Swiss Miss packets along with some extra marshmallows to top off the Swiss Miss and you've got yourself some down home goodness!

              Don't waste a moment to keep customers feeling wanted or needed these days. Make or Bake, but don't Fake or Break during this gov't controlled recession.
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              sprinklerz Newbie
              It depends, sending gifts to overseas customer can be expensive due to shipping fees.
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                nikecoo99 Wayfarer
                of course,we do give small gifts to clients on holiday.
                cus we are a small trade company wholesale garments and shoes ....
                so most of time we offer a t-shirt ,cap or socking...
                these goods are won't cost much money.
                but you know the meaning is important than costing.


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                  smartbizman Newbie
                  Yes, we give Holiday gifts since last 5-6 years. We give out SEE's candy box. so cost is about $12-$15/box. Typically give one box to main contacts, but if we are "close" to more than one then I give one box to each, so say 2-3 boxes for few accounts and 1 box per most of the accounts.
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                      wordperfect Scout

                      Yes we do, it is partly custom here China and partly our policy.


                      However we do "target" clients, regulars or bigger clients are "favoured" usually it is something in the form of "wine" or what we would call a spirit, most stores have a special promotion aisle or three! of gift packaged boxed stuff.


                      For smaller clients we have a leather credit / business card, small note holder that we had tailor made to hold our own card laminated in the front and we also design and print our own calendar, the latter is usually posted to overseas clients.


                      As someone else said, yep, it might be a hard year, especially for non Chinese companies, but I think this is even more of a reason to continue the trend, I think of it as an investment in our clients!


                      Happy New Year
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                      We're of the impression that it's the thought that counts. With certain corporate and government clients, they have rules in place that prevent them from accepting gifts above $100 or $50 in value-- and if you aren't aware of such rules, it's awkward when they return them. Yes, that has happened to us! Last year we sent homemade cookies in the shape of blue "B" for the BlitzLocal company logo. That was a hit.

                      Love to hear other ideas to be thoughtful without needing to spend a lot of money.