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    Need Help on Outsourcing? Call or Chat with Us

    jane28 Adventurer

      GlobalSky is an offshore outsourcing company, catering to both inbound and outbound accounts for outsourcing. We have offices in US and in the Philippines.

      Your company might need call center services such as inbound customer service support, outbound telemarketing, lead generation, email support, 24 hour chat support, etc. Basically, we can support any serivce that requires a computer and a phoneline.

      We got highly skilled agents and best call center infarstractures. Imagine having your secure customer database managed by our contact center professionals, building your customer loyalty with friendly and prompt support that can eventually seem like mind reading.

      Please let us know your contact details and the best time for us to call you so that we could discuss what our company could further offer.


      Best Regards,
      Sarah Jane
      GlobalSky Inc.
      1-800-939-0950 US
      0-800-680-0601 UK
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          Help on Outsourcing

          Go to Members page and share some info.

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            Hi Jane (or is it Sarah-- hard to tell, as your username and email sig are different),

            Anyway, we need a person who can respond to blog posts to promote our business and those of our small business clients. We've used odesk and so far it's been good, paying X cents per action. Will your people do that? Is there a way we can try out your service at low risk?

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                jane28 Adventurer
                Hi Dennis,

                Thank you for your interest in GlobalSky. That's actually one of the services that we do offer. We have dedicated
                agents who can work for your business. Regarding your question if there's a way you can try out our service at low risk, we can give you a discount for the first 2 weeks. For me to be able to assist you
                properly, please supply me with your contact number and the details of
                your project below:


                How many agents
                do you require?


                If the price is
                right, how soon do you want to start?


                I hope to hear from you soon.


                GlobalSky Communication Center Inc.
                1-800-939-0950 US
                0-800-680-0601 UK