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    Why I think GoDaddy is Better than other ISPs

    franklinb Adventurer
      I have been a customer of GoDaddy for years. There is a reason I stay with them, or maybe several reasons, and I want to talk about it here in the Business Classifieds.

      Today is the new era of answering systems and pre-recorded message directories. Many are voice systems, and if you are on a call trying to say the correct things to get where you need to go, and you clear your throat, then it's back to the beginning.

      I hate the evolution towards all automated services, but I understand how it has happened. Companies need to save the personnel costs for reception type services, including telephone reps. They staff to the minimum and no one can afford operators anymore. Fine and dandy but it leaves customers feeling bad.

      I switch services sometimes in other areas of my business life and personal life due to a lack of service, but I have never even come close to feeling that way about GoDaddy.

      So once in awhile you call a company and get a real person on the phone, and aren't you surprised?

      I used to call my old ISP years ago, and good grief it took forever to actually get to speak to a person. It was laughable. It is NOT funny however, when you have work to do and are forced to sit on hold waiting for service. I hate that about many American Corporations today.

      GoDaddy Domain and ISP services are not like that. They have real people come to the phone and they get there fast even when it is busy. They have the ordinary (but minimal) menu introduction to select the type of contact you have, then you go on hold with or without music.

      Very quickly the rep gets on the phone. Recently I had to work with them for a client, and they were fast each and every time I called them. These people are polite, direct and very quick to diagnose and fix whatever you have that is wrong, right or whatever.

      Impressed is how I feel about GoDaddy Hosting and Domain Registration. Good grief I cannot think of another company I have contacted in recent months that is better, or even close the high standards of this company.

      Now, they have real reps who come to the phone quickly, and that is good but it gets better.

      After you get them up to speed about what you need, they actually do solve your problems and they explain it, and then they try to do a little more so you feel satisfied and happy. I have noticed this each time I have called. They are all about the customer.

      Companies that work hard for customers have become rare in these days and times. Why is this? Even in this dpressed economy many companies are still trying to hide behind the talking answering system, and these things are not as great as the people who make them tell you. They are hard to work.

      If you have a small to medium sized business with a website host that makes you mad every time you have a problem and can't get it resolved, I recommend you change to GoDaddy.

      GoDaddy Hosting and Domain Registration Services*

      Don't really understand how to do all this web stuff? Hire someone, or just open a new account at GoDaddy and then call them. I have had to wait on the phone for many a company in my time, and I have been really upset when they disappoint me. GoDaddy is different. Customer service is the difference. I am so impressed with them.

      Need to register a domain? Use GoDaddy. Need an ISP to host your business or personal site? Use GoDaddy and you will always be happy and feel like a valuable customer.

      GoDaddy Hosting and Domain Registration Services*
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            seoservicepro Ranger
            Sorry to sort of disagree on this. GoDaddy hosting is fine for some people, but I usually have to recommend a business client locate their site elsewhere. I like GoDaddy. I have some domain names registered there and continue to recommend people register domain names there. Good prices even if they try a little too hard to sell you everything else besides the domain name you came for, but that's personal taste.

            The real issues with their hosting are more of a technical nature. if you plan to have a company blog and plan to use wordpress and want it to be SEO-friendly, Godaddy falls shiort on that. I manage a lot of company blogs. I've had more problems with those hosted at GoDaddy than any other hosting service. Well, maybe not quite as many as, but that's another story.

            Htaccess issues for permalink structure, not having the latest version of wordpress available in their control panel, security issues with wordpress and load times are among the issues at Godaddy.

            Again, for domain names, I agree Godaddy is fine. If you run a business, you can't afford bad hosting or hosting that has issues. Their tech support is friendly but ineffective at solving technical problems.

            Just my 2 cents worth. I'm not recommending my own hosting or any other, just a friendly warning about hosting a business at GoDaddy.
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              franklinb Adventurer
              Well I do see your point, but since I am not a Wordpress developer I guess I don't have the experience with it, but I am a Blogger user, and over the years I have at times hosted blogs on my server space with GoDaddy, and it worked fine. Recently I have started to use Wordpress and it is still in design phase since I have a learning curve issue, but I will remember your comments when I get to hosting this thing. Wordpress is a good looking and functional system to work with.

              One thing I also forgot to say is that the hosting charges for GoDaddy are very reasonable. As with other companies they discount greatly if you pay a year up front, or more for 2 years. The small business clients I occasionally work for are simply using a static html site to display their products and contact information, with no blogs. When making transfers from one host to GoDaddy, the reps there are very helpful and they walk you through the process.

              I remember a few months ago I had a client who hired a designer in Europe, and the site was registered at Network Solutions but the designer, who was the admin contact (big mistake), so when they hired me I had to get everyone on the phone at the same time to get this thing transferred to GoDaddy, because I was not listed on the account. It was complicated and the rep at GoDaddy was on the phone with the designer, the owner and me for almost 2 hours, and this guy did not once falter or get impatient. He saw it through, and it is set up right now. (After that I did SEO work on the site and now it is generating traffic for them)

              Service and dedication seems to be the GoDaddy policy. I have had dealings for years with other companies who could not hold a candle to them for service. I wish all online companies were like this. Heck, I wish the bank I do business was like this, and the cell phone company and all of them. GoDaddy could teach these other companies a thing or two about how to retain customers.

              I respect your opinion on this, and I will be on the phone with them when I get ready to host my Wordpress blog. Funny, it is so search engine friendly that it is already in Google and Yahoo, and I have not submitted it and it only has a few posts of themed information. It is a side project of mine not involving a client. I have also figured out how to make my Blogger sites search friendly too, which was a challenge but now they are generating traffic.

              Thanks for repsonding!

              Franklin Banker
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                  seoservicepro Ranger
                  On the small static sites like you mentioned, without blogs and such, I agree, one host is pretty much as good as another. On the customer service deal, it depends on the rep you get.

                  On the phone with Godaddy trying to solve the htaccess issues, I continually showed patience and tried to work with the tech to discover why it would not update properly on their servers.

                  He suggested I go to to read about apache servers. I run linux/apache servers of my own and I do not have the same problems. So I know it was a Godaddy issue and tried to explain it to him. He made the same suggestion again.

                  I manage several company blogs for clients. I use wordpress for all of them. If you were my client and you asked me about a problem you were having with your blog ajnd I told you to go read about wordpress at, how long would I continue to be your blog manager?

                  That's how long Godaddy continued to be a hosting option after that advice.

                  Your mileage may vary.
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                caffeinated Scout
                GoDaddy actually hosted an event on the SBOC and they did a great job. Maybe the SBOCTeam could bring them back and have them talk about incorporating social networking features on their hosted sites and their customer service model?

                Take a look at the event thread, its good stuff!

                Event: Talks about Building a Business Online

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                  Collabora Newbie
                  I like godaddy also. As a matter of fact I am an authorized GoDaddy reseller. They have a lot of nice offerings for the small business including CRM, Exchange Hosting, Merchant Accounts, Online Backups, Fax via Email, etc. I try to improve a bit on the GoDaddy items by lowering their price and offering direct support to my customers. They come under a lot of criticism over the years, but my experience with them (about 100 hosted sites) belies the negativity.

                  Collabora Hosting
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                      franklinb Adventurer
                      I have been their affiliate for a long time, and have been considering the reseller deal. The last rep I talked to really wanted me to do it after I told him all the domains I have referred to them. Certainly I could make more money, but I still have to decide if I want to work all alone in my own little world, or hang a shingle and work with clients. It is a big decision for me and I need to decide pretty soon.

                      Good to hear of your success with them. Gives me confidence.
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                          Collabora Newbie
                          You don't have to work with clients. The reseller program gives you the choice of you doing the support or just handing it over to GoDaddy and just worry about promoting the site. If you look at my site right now you will see that the GoDaddy's 408 number is listed. That's because I don't feel like taking calls today ;). Otherwise my toll-free number would be listed. Same idea with email from Support Center. My local face2face customers call me on my cell phone anyway.

                          I also resell the reseller plan and you can read more about it here: Price is much better than GoDaddy's and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee

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                        SupremeCakes Wayfarer
                        I absolutely agree with Frank. I like the prompt Service Dept., whom I call every time I need to modify anything. I don't have timeto become an expert on the service provider's site, since I have plenty of website work to keep me busy. BOB
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                          jackiewriggs Newbie
                          GoDaddy is one of the best ISP but I go for HostGator as my top choice since they offer toll-free numbers on their package/plans.
                          • Why I think GoDaddy is Better than other ISPs

                            yeai agree. i have also search something relevent to ISP but found Godaddy the best