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    Well Written Business Plan?

    jettaman Newbie
      Yes I was wondering does any one know of a place that will wright out a business plan for my company in exchange for advertisement?? At this moment in time I can not pay to have a 2,800 Dollar plan written out on my own.
      And or know a better way to wright a plan out on my own like maybe the best software ? If you could help it would be great
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          I don't know of any good business plan writers that would help you without being paid but SCORE and SBDC's (use those words in a search engine and you can find offices and locations) offer free services to help entrepreneurs with their business plan but don't write the business plan for them.

          Depending on how complex your plan needs to be, there are writers who will do your plan for less than what you mentioned. Perhaps as low as $700 or so. You have to be careful though; you get what you pay for and cheap business plan writers rarely are experienced business people and that is the type of input you need into crafting a good plan for your venture. "Business Plan Pro" is the best software for writing business plans that I have personally seen. You can find info on it online by searching for it as well.

          Dennis Lowery
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            EFFORTS Newbie


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              phanio Pioneer
              There is business plan software - I have used business plan pro in the past. You can also find many templates on the web or even search for sample plans the match your business then tweek them to your business and market.

              As mentioned, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) are part of the SBA and free to use. They can walk you throguh the process and help you do research.

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                jaymathur09 Newbie
                A well written business plan is extremely important for any business. Before making a business plan, a manager should have a clear picture of what he is trying to achieve. If the business plan is made keeping this thing into mind, it will automatically improve the profit earning capacity of your business. Considering the basic components of a business plan, you should make the business plan simple, but complete, and realistic. For a good business plan, click on FINTEL's website.