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    Seasonal Business - How else can I get noticed?

    aacl2009 Adventurer
      I sell firewood with a friend of mine and we have a great product. We sell bundles that are twice as big as what people can buy at the store and 1/2 the price! The tricky part is getting a lot of people to learn about the deal without spending very much money. Here is what we are currently doing...

      Craigslist: We post 2 different ads for firewood, one for bundles, one for bulk purchases

      Truck: I have a large truck with high walls that say, "Firewood $5/bundle" and my phone number

      _*Retail</Grocery Stores: We are working on getting into grocery stores but we are finding that some have long-standing contracts and do not wish to partner with another vendor.<br />
      Christmas Tree Lots: We have found two lots so far that are willing to sell our bundles of firewood. They sell it for the same price we do but they get $2 for every bundle sold. It may not be a ton of money but it's more than they would have without us. Plus there is no risk since we collect payment after the sale and they do not pre-pay for the wood.

      Is there anything else anyone can think of that might help us sell some wood during our 3-4 months of business?
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          Bluesuit Adventurer
          Some ideas:

          • Farmers market
          • Church or other non-profits such as library with a commitment that a % percentage of your profits/$ will be donated back
          • How about a pile of firewood displayed right in front of your house/with a for sale sign? At least you maybe able to create buzz in your own neighborhood.

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              aacl2009 Adventurer
              Thank you for the great ideas. I forgot to mention that we have approached a few churches where we were going to donate $3 of every bundle to the church, ehich is a sweeter deal than we give the tree lots however we seem to be coming across as "just salesmen" and none of the churches we have spoken with are very interested. Maybe they are only thinking of it as only $3/bundle instead of realizing that it is also 60% of the sale.

              I should do the sign in my neighborhood, I think that one I will do tonight. Since my last posting we hung a few bundles from the truck to show off the size of our bundles. We will take them off before we go down the road but we want to show off what we have when we can.

              I'll have to look into what markets are still open, I think the Portland Saturday market opens for one week in December for Christmas shoppers.

              Thanks again! Anyone else?
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              JBird2 Newbie
              First you need to know who "is" your market & what do they do? Small bundels are for once and awhile fire people, how about leaving small flyers at wine shops, cheese shops, florist, card shops, etc for the romatic customers. Offer to give the owner / manager a bundle to put your info out there, they will be a great reference when asked.
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                seoservicepro Ranger
                How about you and your family and friends wearing t-shirts with all of your info on the back. Any idea of how many people see you while you are out and about during the day? Multiply that by the number of your friends and family also willing to wear those t-shirts.