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    Looking to drop PayPal and suggestions for alternatives.

    Ryan524 Wayfarer
      I am looking to change the way I accept credit cards. Currently I use paypal, because well I knew about it and it was simple but there policies are not all that great. First offf I hate how they have there own dispute process instead of letting the bank handle any disputes, and not only that but there dispute process hevily favors the buyer. And when it comes to ebay sales well they hold up my finds for long periods of time killing my cash flow.

      So here the deal I am looking for a good alternative. Something inexpensive for a small business with just a few transactions. A virtual terminal would be nice if it was affordable so I could process transactions over the phone, ect.

      I provide IT services primarily to businesses, I also sell IT equipment though ebay and my own website.

      Any recommendations?
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          amspcs Ranger
          Yes. I have a suggestion. I just dropped you a line via your website, hope you get it. I also think you have some unrealistic expectations and understandings about chargebacks and disputes. I'd be happy to address any and all questions.


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              seoservicepro Ranger
              I've been doing business on the web long enough to remember when paypal paid me $5 for each new customer I referred to them and still use paypal. Honestly, hard to beat the convenience.

              I use google checkout now as a second alternative, but they have their own dispute process as well. But they are a viable alternative for you possibly.

              I personally would not use moneybookers. They want you to mail them a copy of your ID. They delay your payments. I had a lot of issues there.

              If you were selling online memberships or something, I'd recommend ccbill or ibill.

              But you mention ebay. Paypal is still your best option.

              Also, if you decide to go through your bank to get a merchant processing deal, look for a ton of enquiries to hit your credit report possibly lowering your score. Each credit card you want to accept equals an enquiry for the most part.

              Just my experience. Paypal has its faults, but still the bast alternative in my opinion.
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              phanio Pioneer
              As you see from the posts here - what may work for one business may not work for another. But, it is good to get suggestions. I would start by asking others in your industry or find out what is working for your competition. Second, do your research and read the fine print. The more research you do now and pick the right company the better you will be off in the long run - not having to do this again.

              Lastly, while this suggestion is usually shot down in this forum, I would check out your bank - most banks offer some type of program. Thus, if you want to dispute with your bank - then you can as they are also your merchant provider - plus, they may be more on your side than that of the buyer.

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                  amspcs Ranger
                  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and while I would never pretend to question a posters' right to hold and express their opinions, the publishing of outright incorrect information is another matter which I feel compelled to correct publically.
                  I'm sure the posters meant well and believe their statements to be true, but the fact is that they are not.

                  Phanio, most banks do NOT "offer" some sort of program; in fact, very few of them do. What most banks DO do is refer their customers to an independent third party ISO to handle their payment needs, in return for a referral fee or 'piece of the action'.
                  As I've pointed out numerous time, the local bank has absolutely nothing to do with the actual tranasaction processing, and the only thing the merchant has accomplished is to increase his/her cost fo doing business by adding another needless mouth to feed in the overhead food chain. And the local bank has absolutely nothing to do and zero input in the chargeback dispute process which is governed by either/or Visa or MC regulations or Regulation Z/Truth in Lending laws which apply equally to all parties involved regardless of with whom the merchant banks with.

                  Seoservicepro--regardless of with whom you apply for Visa/MC payment services, the merchant signer will see ONE inquiry on their credit report, unless the merchant also appies for some other service such as American Express, in which the additional providers will also submit inquiries. This is because a processing account is in fact a line of credit and, like all loan products, is dependent on the credit of the signer.
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                  phanio Pioneer
                  If you want the truth - call around to banks in your market and ask them what they have and whom they are run by.
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                    saumie Wayfarer
                    Ryan, you've got some good responses here, especially from seo and ampcs (I think that's what it was). The bottom line is that every type of business and how they transact their business will have different needs. I'm a semi-retired long-term merchant services rep and I have always found it best to work with merchants in a consultative manner. Find out what their needs are rather than just sell them a service. I have created a very informative ebook on my website, if you'd like to get a thorough education on the industry and how you can best structure what is right for you. Here's the site:


                    Let me know if you have any questions

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                        phanio Pioneer
                        Of course you agree with those on here that sell merchant products. You want the business owners on this forum to come to you and not go to their bank. Just don't understand why everyone is afraid of competition from banks. I sold these merchant products for a national bank and had no problem competing on price and services.
                        The poster asked for alternatives - banks are an alternative - regardless if you like them or not!
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                            amspcs Ranger
                            Speaking for myself as an ISO (Independent Sales Office) of processing services, I'm not afraid of competition. I do feel however that many local banks , 99% of which have absolutely nothing to do with the payment business, mis-represent themselves
                            as offering payment services directly, or at the very least conveniently 'fogetting' to mention that they are acting only as referrers to a third-party, thereby leaving the merchant to falsly think that they are dealing with their local bank and reaping some sort of benefit or advantage therefrom, none of which is true. So I'm here to set the record straight with information I think merchants are entitled to, which is as follows: Dealing directly with a local bank branch for payment services almost always accomplishes nothing except INcreasing their cost by virtue of adding an additional unnecessary overhead recepient (the referral fee the bank gets) to the pricing equation. Why not deal with an ISO directly yourself instead of going through (and having to pay) an unnecessary third party?
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                          FAITHLOGOS Newbie

                          CHECK OUT I understand what you mean about PayPal FREEZING your business over a DISPUTE! Hopefully, this can be an alternative. I have searched for a PP alternative for over 2 weeks now.
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                            lynny05 Wayfarer
                            I would recommend Google Checkout. I have had no problem with them whatsoever and their fee's are lower than PayPal. They accept credit cards and it's a simple process to get started.