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    Can you set up an LLC and use your domain name for DBA?

    bdh1776 Wayfarer
      I will be operating an e-commerce retail store and wanted to set up an LLC with a generic name (in case I decide to open additional stores). I originally thought I would have to use the LLC name on the bottom of the website and let customers know that their bill would reflect the LLC name and not the domain name. I know I could have used a DBA but basically wanted to save money by not giving the state additional fees.

      I thought by using the generic named LLC, this might create confusion with the customers when they received their bills and maybe if they didn't remember the LLC name they would therefore dispute the charge with the credit card, which would then cause me to incur a chargeback fee.

      After speaking with a merchant account provider, I was told that I could use the domain name as the DBA (and would not have to legally set up a DBA with the state). He said the customer's credit card statement would reflect the domain name (DBA) but the bank would see it as my LLC name. He said many of his customers have their LLC with many DBA's under it but the DBA is not something they obtained from the state. The retailers just tell this merchant account provider what the DBA (or domain name) will be.

      Has anyone else come across this scenerio? Somehow it seems too good to be true but it would save a few dollars and with initial startup costs this could certainly help.

      Thanks for any information you can provide.