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    Marketing Student Needs Your Help

    ljpokas Newbie


      I am a marketing student in the Metro Detroit area. If I am way off base or out of line asking for input on this forum, please advise.

      I am working on a marketing campaign (from Executive Summary through a Promotional Presentation) for a new product that has not yet come to market. I came across your site (in a Google search) and read many interesting ideas for advertising and marketing, so I thought I would ask for your input. I need advise on how to choose the target market/demographics for my product: an all-in-one wine making device for your home (products were assigned by the professor).

      • price range is under $500
      • device has the latest computerized technology
      • device makes a case of wine at a time in a period of 6-8 weeks
      • obviously more of a luxury item (a want, not a need -- especially in this economy)

      Any tips on how to find the wine enthusiasts/lovers to market to?

      Social networking will most likely be the main source for advertising.

      Your expertise and advise is appreciated.



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          caffeinated Scout
          ljpokas, welcome to the SBOC! Great to see students leveraging social technology for educational purposes.

          Demographics will be easy. From a legal standpoint, you'll be targeting 21+ year olds. However, your "normal" 21 year old won't be able to afford a $500 device. So now you're pushing the age demographic up to 25-34. Which is good, they have a little more disposable income and (I'll generalize here) start to move away from 12 packs of beer and experiment with different wines as they dine at finer restaurants, attend wine tastings and take couple retreats to Napa Valley. They tend to like technical gadgets too.

          Anyone else want to help out this aspiring future entrepreneur?

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              ljpokas Newbie
              Thank you for your feedback. This site has been quite a great learning tool. In fact, I told my marketing and management professors about it today (I am a 50 year old student "attempting" to return to school full time after a layoff last Fall where I was the team leader of a travel agency).

              I think you are dead on with the age demographic. Today, I researched the Millenials - Gen Y. They are very interested in the wine and many wine professionals are looking to them to be their new focus for new wine sales.

              We also worked on the price point today and believe the selling price will be closer to $299 (not counting the crush and additional things needed to actually make the wine).

              The project will be a challenge, but fun. Thank you, again, for your time and expertise.