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    What's the best way to safely build an opt-in email list?

    amspcs Ranger
      I certainly don't want to spam, but I WOULD like to better utilize opt-in email marketing.

      Any suggestions on ways to safely build an opt in email list? I know "Constant Contact" is a great emarketing tool if you already have an opt in list. The trick do you effectively go about getting the list in the first place?

      Any ideas and suggestions would be great.

      Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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          Ryan524 Wayfarer
          ask people. For example on your website do you have a contact form? How about you add a checkbox that says, "Please send me email updates on...." then if they check thaat box when the form is submitted you got there permission to add their email address to your list. You can even automate adding therm to your list.

          One thing some sites do that is as I understand technically legal but some may consider to be unethical is to offer a free download of some sort, ask them for their email address, ect. and include something that says "by submitting this information you are consenting to receive our email updates for...". But thats your call if you feel comfortable doing something like that, it is kinda a grey area.

          As far as what to use your your email marketing, I suggest mailchimp. Unless yo use their free version you don't have to have their logo forcefully added into the footer of all your emails like with many other companies that provide this. They also have reasonable pricing, including both monthly plans, and pay-as-you-go plans.
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            Bridge Navigator
            Call potenetail customers ad say your would like to send them a free copy of your newsletter and/or industry informtaion. I have found that over 80% of people provide an e-mail address if you ask. only 15 calls a day will get you over 300 names in a month. Best of luck!