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    Another company with  same name

    phloyd Newbie
      I've been in business for 22 years. First 15 as a sole prop. with a "Trading as" name. Registered the same name the state, searched the name, got FEIN reported all taxes underthat name. About a year ago saw a truck with my name, except it was Inc. mine is LLC. Asked my lawyer and he sent out a letter asking to cease. No response. Lawyer checked on dates of incorporation, we were a year earlier. His advice was to forget about it as it would take about 10k to litigate this, even though he is causing some harm to me. It would rest on the govt. giving him the Name, he would say they said it was ok. There's enough business out there, and i really don't want to spend time or the money . Thought i'd ask "what should i have done before this came up to protect my name. Was under impression that i had registered it with the state properly. Wrong.
      Anyone have a similar experience? Interested in what you did.