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    Brick and mortar business and online marketing

    sbmar2009 Newbie
      Hi everyone. We've got an idea for a business and we wanted to get some other business owners thoughts on it. If you own a B/M business and we offered you the service of getting your business listed in the local business centers of the major search engines, local search engines, 411 services, Internet yellow pages, yelp (etc), GPS services and "X" amount of social networks, tied the social networks together so you can make one status update, and it updates all of your social network status updates (think Twitter, Facebook, Myspace) so you or your employee isn't spending days doing the work, would a small business owner be interested? The social side is good for branding and building your footprint online. I can go on for days about it but I just was trying to get my point across. We would also advise you on the best practices for marketing your business online without the nonsense that most online marketers give you.

      We know there is a TON of information out on the net and most if it is complete marketing B.S. . We're thinking about offering a free 15 minute consultation over the phone. We guarantee that we can tell you more about how your business looks online than anyone else. We are offering no fluff and no "marketer speak" or internet hyperbole. We are talking about no nonsense approach, straight facts and how it will benefit you, as a business owner.

      With Google releasing street GPS navigation on your phone and the ability to find businesses as you are using the service in REAL TIME, it has become vitally important to have your correct information in these systems. Think of Iphone users and their ability to retrieve information on the fly from the search engines. We have the data that supports the importance of it. We CAN verify this. Let me be very clear we are NOT offering SEO services. That is not what we are talking about. Most online marketers are completely unaware that there are two separate algorithms that show the organic search results and the "one box" results in Google. This is why you will see a business in the one box and not in the search results.

      If you are running an online business, you can just use the social networking aspect and still reap the benefits. I know that this may come off as "spammy" since I haven't posted in here before so, to show you that I'm a real person, here is my real email address fsoriano2005 {at} gmail [dot} com

      If you had the option to pay a onetime fee or hourly rate, which would you, as a business owner prefer? All this can be done with 2 simple online forms so you aren't spending days filling out information. You just go to our website and input the data and we handle the rest. Of course if you needed help, we would offer support.

      If there other options that you as a business owner would like to see, please let me know. We are open to any and all ideas.

      Thank you all for any input you can provide and good luck in all your endeavors.