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    Your Input, Ideas & Feedback Would Be Greatly Appreciated

    tamekariley Newbie

      I notice there are quite a few people here who have questions and are in need of direction in starting a business. This is one of the things I help people with for a living. There may be some areas that I hadn't considered in the package I'm getting ready to release and would like to receive input on what the major challenges are for most of you beginning or running your own business and how someone in my position may gear my company to better serve in this area. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

      T. S. Riley
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          Hymesdesign Adventurer
          If you're going to be giving advice to small business owners the there are three things I think you should know that I've picked up, 1) never lie, should be common sense but... 2) never sound unsure, can be difficult to sound 100% on topics you don't know everything on without lying but sounding unsure is the easiest way to lose a customer when you do your work primarily through telecommuting 3) make sure your clients know they're getting a deal, I used to do websites for what would amount to a couple dollars an hour cause I couldn't get across how low my original price was, and had to go lower to keep the customer. Keeping numbers 1 and 2 makes this easier though.

          This list is practically useless, but hey I could have ignored the topic now couldn't I lol, and you'd be suprised how much this list would have helped me in the beginning, well 2 and 3 anyway. Good luck though and have a great week.
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