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    contract to sign music artists

    cupcake411 Wayfarer
      Hi everyone,
      Could someone tell me what my options are, as i'm starting as a manager, wanting to sign a local music group. Do i have to go directly to a lawyer? or is there a standard music contract available that i could add to, to personalize it for my new artists, then, when we all agree to the terms, take it to a lawyer to finalize it ? what would be the cheapest and quickest but yet efficient way of doing this ?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Contract to sign music artists, Welcome cupcake

          Tell me more. If you are going into business you should have an accountant, a lawyer
          and maybe an insurance agent.

          Good luck
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              cupcake411 Wayfarer
              Good Morning LUCKIEST,

              Thank you so much for your response, it was all good info. I starting out looking for a lawyer, but everyone that i've talked to here in my area of Virginia didn't specialize in entertainment. I did go to a lawyer who had a New York phone #, who said that he did entertainment, but he didn't appear to me that he had done much. I've even tried neighboring cities without luck; so I am going to try further into the state, but was wanting to see from others could i start doing some of this stuff on my own, then take it to a lawyer( once i find one) to finalize it. I also know that we will need an accountant, but i thought maybe it was a bit too soon, there is no money coming in yet. Can you recommend an entertainment lawyer ?

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              DomainDiva Ranger
              More money has been stolen from and lost by perfromance artists because of bad contracts. If you are not willing to go the extra mile for your artists by making sure they are legally protected then I do not know why anyone would want to sign with your label. (I know that sounds crass but it is the truth). These artists will be dependent on you for a lot of things...the biggest is ones are honesty and trust. They have to be able to trust you to do the best for them contractually and financially.

              Sometimes there is no 'cheap and efficicent way'. You get what you pay for, you should also contact a lawyer who specializes in the music industry.
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                  cupcake411 Wayfarer
                  Hello DomainDiva,
                  I understand what u are saying about artists being ripped off, this is why i'm trying to help this group, with hopes that it wont happen to them. I don't own a label or i wouldn't be @ the beginner's level of asking about a contract. I've been spending a great deal of my money trying to help, so I'm only wanting to get good quality @ it's lowest price. I wouldn't dare settle for junk. There aren't all bad people in the world. I do thank you for your response.