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    Staring a Cleaning Service

    UniquelyClean Newbie
      I am a 35-year old woman with an average career looking to start a cleaning service that will provide services to doctor offices, new construction, rental properties, cleaning house of people that are moving out, churches etc.. I need advice on how to price the job. Whether it should be priced by square foot, the job or project. I have already applied for my business license and had my inspection by the fire marshall who has signed off on the license. What other steps do I need to do to begin as far as advertising and building a clientale. Please give me all the advise that is available. I would like to begin as soon as possible but I am a little confused and unsure on how to price each job. Any advice will be gratly appreciated.
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          Staring a Cleaning Service

          If I was going to start a cleaning service, I would do two things first.

          One, Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE. Two, Develop a business plan. Score can help with the business plan.
          I would also volunteer to help you succeed and have lots of advice that can help. How can I contact you??

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            phanio Pioneer
            I would suggest you find a local small business development center (SBDC) in your area. They are free to use and can help you determine what you need locally to launch your business.

            Regarding setting your price - do you know what your competitors are charging? That may be a good place to start - to see what others in your industry are charging. Further, what you will find is that you set a base minimum on your costs and what margins (profit) you need either per hour or per job - but, can make adjustments to them as you view the client's facility - e.g. if it is up scale, you might increase your price.

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              Congratulations on taking the steps to start your own business.


              I have pages on my site that can get you started regarding appropriate research, planning and action steps.


              Here is the link to my Research page:




              There you will find the appropriate questions to seek answers for and where to get them. Following that page, you will notice tabs along the top of the page that will then take you through all the steps in a formal business plan (Planning tab) as well as actionable steps (Action tab) to get you started. I have a number of blog posts that you may find useful, too.


              I hope this helps with your efforts. Please feel free to leave any questions that you may have after reviewing the material.


              Best of luck.


              Doug Dolan


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                aacl2009 Adventurer
                I had your same questions before starting my yard cleaning & landscape company. I did as someone else suggested and looked at what my competitors were charging. In some cases however you may find the competition low-balls the price to earn as much business as possible. When I first started I took anything and everything I could get at whatever price I could, now that things have sped up I have started pricing on what it is worth to me at that time. When I am slammed I may charge more for someone who needs service NOW and my normal rates when things are slow.
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                    seoservicepro Ranger
                    aacl2009. Best way in my opinion. You start by lowballing prices to get a client base and some kind of cash flow going, then, once you have some kind of base income, you start raising prices for new clients until you reach a new level of income, then do it again.

                    When I started doing article marketing, I didn't have a website. I was running a webmaster forum and telling people about marketing their business using articles. This was before it had really caught on.

                    Everyone was telling me they didn't feel confident enough to write article or they didn't have time, etc. etc. I offered to write some articles for a few members to show them the benefits, sort of put my money where my mouth is sort of thing.

                    I charged them just $5 per article. I soon had so many orders I couldn't keep up and it wasn't making me a lot of money. So I raised my price to $7.50. The orders kept coming. I raised it to $10. Orders kept coming. At $15 per article orders kept coming because now I had a reputation. At $20, it slowed down for awhile, so I thought I had found the proper market price for my articles.

                    At one point it changed. I had hired writers and we were producing around 1500 articles per week at the $20 price, so I had to raise it again. :)

                    A few years later, we now charge $40 per article and do a smaller volume. The focus is on quality rather than quantity as it was in the beginning. I have clients that have been with us a long time and new clients don't mind the price for what we give them.

                    My point is you have to learn what the market will pay for the qulity of service you give them. In the beginning you don't turn down anything. After awhile you will find your niche and what clients will pay for what you provide. Let the business grow itself rather than trying to solve it all it once.