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    Business ideas

    apestano38 Newbie
      I have two business ideas I would like to get some advise on. First, is a restaurant; I am not a licensed chef but I am constantly told that I need to open up a restaurant because I enjoy cooking and everything I do cook comes out perfect (at least that is what I am told). The problem with this is I am on a stringent budget and I would like to know if anyone think it is possible to open a business with little or no money and terrible credit. Second, is an internet support group for women who have been involved with men that has been incarcerated, I don't think this business requires a lot of money to set up but designing a website to fit the idea is an issue. Please advise!!!!!
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          Ascensioninc Newbie
          What type of restaurant? If all you need is a small rib shack you may be able to do it. If you need a lot of inventory, equipment and personal you should probably try catering first and work your way to a restaurant.

          The internet is all about hits and advertising. How will you get paid and how will you let the world know that your site exists if you don't have money for advertising. Who will pay to use your site and why. The only way you can get enough hits to your site is thru mass marketing and some of that may require use of your money.

          Conclusion, fix your credit and try catering to save up addtional money. If you have the right food in the right market you can get rich. However, the restaurant business is considered the most riskiest business from a banks perspective. Good luck hope I helped.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Business ideas, Welcome

            Who are you?? Have you developed a business plan??
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              UncleLeon Scout
              Beware (Or, perhaps, I should say Be - aware). Being talented at cooking is not the same as being talented at BEING IN the BUSINESS of cooking.

              It sounds as though you have much going against you.

              I strongly suggest that you contact your local SCORE office and seek counseling before proceeding. SCORE is the small business counseling "arm" of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and is free to you.