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    Business related shows

    Generation4 Adventurer

      Corporate types like to read Dilbert comics, I like to watch the Office. By the way is it still on )due to the writers strike)?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Re your question, "Is it The Office still on (due to the writer's strike)?" - No, Steve Carell was one of the very first people to walk off a set in support of the strike, and it was the first major TV production to shut down.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            This being December 22, the writers strike and holiday reruns what are we to watch??
            Sunday football, LUCKIEST
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                The Ovation network has been running about every version of "The Nutcracker" ever filmed or videotaped . . . but none like The Lighthouse24 Nutcracker:

                As my ballet opens, the setting is a Christmas party for a huge industrial firm. The mysterious old CEO creeps in and gives everyone their holiday bonus checks, except poor Clara, whom he gives a new stapler. Disappointed with her gift, Clara gets drunk, and passes out in her cubicle. When the party ends, everyone goes home and she is left locked inside.

                At midnight, Clara awakes to find that the paperwork in all the in-boxes has come to life and is swirling about, destroying the office. She uses the stapler to kill the Pulp King (a large roll of engineering drawing paper that's leading the charge) and the paper retreats. Then the stapler is suddenly transformed into a handsome consultant who leads her to the Land of E-Commerce where they're greeted by the Internet Fairy. They watch as each group of inhabitants (Multilevel Marketers, Search Engine Optimizers, etc.) perform their customary dances. As a finale, the Consultant and Internet Fairy dance a beautiful Pas de Deux.

                Suppose I could put this into an investment proposal and raise some cash to produce it?