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    New SOLAR Farm in Florida

    JuanFla Newbie

      I'm looking to set up a solar farm in Florida, does anyone know a good place to get started? Things like funding, locations, solar panels contractors, federal grants, partnerships, buyers of solar energy, electric companies that would like to partner, business plans, etc.....

      You may email me at

      God Bless.

      Juan V.
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          lixiaobin Newbie

          Dear Sir or Madam:


          Nice day.


          We are the manufacturer of solar products.Our company is Himin Solar Energy Group Co., Ltd in Dezhou city, Shandong Province, China.Our main products include solar water heaters, solar collectors,solar panels with monocrystalline photovoltaic module and solar lamps etc.


          If you are interested,please feel free to mail me: ,and my Skype: danielhimin66 .I will do my best to help you.


          Looking forward your message.


          Frankly Yours


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              logowiz Newbie
              That is really noble of your for being interested in something green. You need to first check the humidity in the area where you plan to set up your solar panel. Florida is surrounded by water, and solar panels hate humidity for it would entail lots of maintenance and repair work, and they cost. Ask prospective suppliers on humidity resistance of their solar products and such claims must be covered by product warranties. Also ask solar suppliers on the efficiency ratings of their products. The higher efficiency rating, the better. SunSolar is a U.S. based company with very high ratings, you might want to use their efficiency ratings as a benchmark when considering other suppliers vis-a-vis their prices.

              You might want to consider also wind turbines. There are very interesting low cost, low maintenance ideas on, easy to replicate by yourself. I was really surprised and awed. Check them out, should solar panels not be right for the humidity levels at your Florida site.

              Best of luck in keeping the planet green!
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              phanio Pioneer
              You need a business plan. In formally planning your business, all of your questions will get answered. I would suggest either searching the web for sample business plans then modifing those to fit your needs or finding a SBDC in your area. You might even try Both are free to use.

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                CaishyBoB Newbie

                Did you have any luck in getting your farm started? I am somewhat in the same area of questioning. Please see my post at the following.


                I have the land, but none of the money to get started.