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    Starting my Website

    MrLinguinstic Newbie
      I am looking forward to starting an online business using the four hour work week model, I have done all the due diligance I can think of and have now decided to develope a website and test the waters. The problem I am having is I do not know if it is worth the time to learn to build a site and do this myself, (I have access to dreamweaver cs4 through a contact of mine) or should I just bite the bullet and pay for my website to be developed. I would need to find someone who is familar with SEO so I couldn't grab just anyone to build this thing. Any suggestions? does anyone have an idea on how much this would cost?

      I also need to know how hard it is to generate 10,000 visitors a month, my product is a language learning system that targets the student niche. Is 10,000 a good standard or is it going to be something very difficult to attain?
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          Tradebuilder Newbie

          Hi! there,

          I recently finished working on a Project which has lasted over 2 years. I had this client from Fremont, CA who had a very high-level knowledge of his Business. He came up to me and said that he wanted to start a Job Board with Country specific focus. In other words he wanted to have a Job Board that will serve organisations based out in multiple countries. So far the going has been great. In 2 years time we have accomplished a lot.


          1. Created an Architecture for his Website


          2. Made it very user friendly
          3. Designed Pages that will not take time to load
          4. Started all possible efforts that contribute to pulling the Rank up while doing the SEO
          5. Search using Keywords "IT Jobs" and you can see the website within the first 10 hits on Google
          6. Search using other Keywords "International Tech Jobs" and we Rank No.1
          7. The traffic is amazing as we speak and will get better as the organisation continues to renew our Contract

          I was engrossed so much so on this work along with some work from few other clients that I did not find time to even build my own website. Here is the website I am talking about. My website that is under construction as I am planning to go commercial on a very large scale with parterns identified in multiple countries and will still offer the services at a fraction of the cost which others might ask for the same work. Do let us know if you need help. You can leave a message at or leave a Voice Mail at 408.624.4691. I will ask someone to reach out to you from my office. I have a team that works round the clock and will be more tha glad to help you.


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            bigcloudmedia Adventurer
            I can't really give a quote (even a ball park) because the post at this point is too general. Sadly, the details are what are going to make your site shine and also be effective in it's delivery and visitor retention. The details are also what will affect the price the most.

            Cost is a fluid concept based on the amount that you want the website to do. This is probably the first thing you should consider before worrying about whether or not people will go to it. SEO is really something that should be considered while building it and capitalized on once you know that the product converts into sales for you.

            I know of too many businesses that got online and started gung-ho into SEO with a website that didn't convert and it took them twice the amount of money to fix the problem once it was discovered. Traffic will come with a mixture of a great online presence, SEO, content that is relative to what you want to be found for and many other things.

            First things first: What do you want to provide online and how do you want to provide it? Who is your target market and how does your offering differ from your competitions?

            These are all questions that will inevitably help your online efforts and also get you a better quote in the end. The more thorough you are, the better, faster and cheaper the website will come together.

            If you want to discuss this more in detail please contact us. We would be happy to go over things with you in more detail.

            I hope this helps.
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              Hymesdesign Adventurer
              To answer the question of whether or not it is a good idea to learn to do it yourself I have to say yes it is a good idea, but it really is just that, an idea. Think about how design oriented you are, can you pull off a well designed site by yourself with a little training? Think about how technical you are, can you pull off the framework behind a project of this scale? If you answered yes to both these questions then it will save you a boatload of money to learn web design/development yourself, but bear in mind that this will not be a time saver by any means, and no matter how quickly you pick up whatever "web language" you want to learn you don't really want a project of this scale to be your first test...think about the headaches rookie mistakes will make for you on something of the magnitude you seem to be talking.

              So if you are both technical and creative, with a large time frame to devote to learning and testing then by all means do it yourself, but if your more the business side of the equation to begin with then you really should stick to that and make sure once your site is operational all the content etc. is designed to maintain interest and to convert visitors...something which you will have to make sure of regardless, this is the stage that makes or breaks a site. Also don't forget that even if you do it all by yourself and work your tush off to get your site online, that's really the easy part, especially if you're considering 10,000 visitors a goal, the job doesn't end once the site is up, that's when it gets interesting...
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                Darkie80 Newbie
                If you don't have enough time to learn website building from scratch and cannot afford hiring a team of professionals for web programming/design/SEO, the optimal way is trying one of the online website builders. Yes, I know, people will attack me trying to say commercial website builders come up with cheap-looking products. But if you look thoroughly, you may find a better one. I personally recommend you to try Site123. I played with it for some time and I find it pretty simple for those who do not know much about website building, very flexible in terms of code accessibility for those who have certain expertise in the field.
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                  josephfreeman Wayfarer
                  Search Google with the words "best site editor" - and click the site that is at the top of the search results.

                  I will meet you there.

                  I could paste the link directly here, but thus you will see that my website (wich is created and maintained with the same content management system) is so well SEO optimised.

                  If you website is not seo optimised - you will not have enough visits - and after that - you will loose your enthusiasm. Its all about fresh visits that will give you energy to go on.
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                      bigcloudmedia Adventurer
                      Joseph, your at the top of the search for "Best Site Editor" because your site is bestsiteeditor(dot)com not because it is "so well optimized" (which it isn't). Google is a reference engine so it would put the site domain that matches the search term at the top of the list, naturally. I show up at the top of the list when you search Big Cloud Media because my website is bigcloudmedia(dot)com.

                      Im sorry for interjecting but what was posted was rubbish and I had to say something to stem the mis-information going on.
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                      TraciKnoppe Newbie
                      The first obvious question would be, what's your business objective? What type of business are you intending to start? That will then answer what type of web site you need. In most cases, installing a WordPress blog would be sufficient, and WordPress is not only a blog, but also has static pages so it can literally run your entire web site. It has a built in html editor and with the proper permalinks structure setup, is very search engine friendly as well.

                      Depending on your web host, you could have a WordPress site installed in under 5 minutes, if they have Fantastico or a similar auto script install system.

                      Traci Knoppe