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    How can I put up an online storefront?

    dlunajr Newbie
      How can I put up an online storefront?
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          Hymesdesign Adventurer
          you can go numerous ways from a simple preset up storefront like esty or ecrater, to a more complex solution such as an integrated shopping cart website...more detailed questions get more detailed answers btw.
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            jumpstartlogc Newbie
            There are many different ways to acheive this depending on exactly what you're looking to do.

            If you're a DIY'er on a budget and want a basic 'business card' type site, with maybe a small inventory of products you could go the route of the cheap site builders like Squarespace, Homestead or Webly. These services are pretty cheap or free and offer online editors to maintain your site and customize the look and feel. The only downside of these sites are that unless you really know HTML/CSS you're going to end up using one of their generic templates.

            You could go the route of using an open source Content Management System like Wordpress or Joomla. You'd need to find a server/hosting company, and figure out how to buy/install themes, and maintain the site with your hosting provider. May be more technical work than you're looking to take on.

            The last option is just outsource the site completely. Work with a web design/development company to build, host and support your site. This can be as cheap or as expensive as you want depending on how fancy of a designer you want to hire, and how much functionality you need on your site.

            My company ( specializes in affordable website and technology services for small businesses and non-profits. We offer packages typically starting around $1500 and going up from there depending on how complex of a site you're looking for.