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    Which Article Template Should You Use?

    egruber Wayfarer
      I was recently asked by one of my Instant Article Writing Templates Kit customers:

      "Eric, I am amazed by how many different formats and formulas you have created to help us write articles faster. Now, I want to get started in a BIG way. What instant article writing templates should I focus on first?"

      Here's Your Article Marketing Expert's Answer to Which Article Templates You Should Try First...

      It's hard for me to answer this question and tell you which article templates you should start off with as everyone has his or her own, unique writing style. If you want to find true article writing and marketing success then you need to decide for yourself which article templates, which formats and which writing styles work best for you.

      See, I have more than 40 different instant article templates at that my clients could follow so they can write articles faster. But they very rarely have success using all 40 of those templates. That's why I offer a large variety of article templates for you to choose from, so you can see for yourself, which ones work best for you.

      Why Every Article Template Won't Work For You?

      Regardless of experience, aptitude, or willingness - everyone has a writing style that works better for him or her that may not work with another person.

      Some clients worked better creating a list. Ex. Top 10 Things All Article Marketers Must Know

      Others worked better with the How-to formula. Ex. How to Write Articles in Less Than 30 Minutes

      Some do better with the problem/solution format, and so on and so on.

      The key is to find article templates and article writing formulas that work best for you and use those templates as much as your heart's content. There is no rule out there that you have to use a million different types of writing formats or styles. There is no law that says that every one of your articles cannot be a how-to or a list. That may be the way that you think an organize ideas. Some people design and live their whole lives based around "to do" lists. That may work best for you, and results show that readers love lists.

      It is a much better idea to take the article templates that you can implement easily and run with it then to be "stuck" for days or weeks without writing a single word because you want to write differently. The goal of my article templates is to help you overcome writer's block – not make it worse.

      I want to help you write articles faster. Remember, article marketing is a numbers game. While I strive for high quality content with every article that I write, I know that it is more important that I write and publish articles on a consistent basis. And for many article marketers out there – the key is to stick to what you know!

      Your Article Marketing Challenge!

      So, now I challenge you to go to, get my instant article writing templates that can help you write articles in 30 minutes or less and choose which templates work best for you. Then start writing and submitting your articles online.

      Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber uses the power of articles to create online opportunities for Internet marketers, small business owners, authors, entrepreneurs and speakers who want more publicity, prospects and profits. Now, you can get (FOR FREE) 3 of his favorite his instant article writing templates that will help you write your articles in 30 minutes or less at: