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    Email Marketing campaign question for Home Business

    faith57 Wayfarer
      Has anyone used any effective email marketing companies to promote their home business opportunities?
      I have an online home business and have had many people from my local area join up with my team and they now have their own home business.
      It has mostly been through word-of-mouth. We have local gatherings and meetings and have an opportunity to share ideas, etc....
      Because I am now established in my local area, I would like to extend intvitations to people in all 50 states looking to start a home business since this is internet based.
      I have looked at many email marketing companies on the internet, but am not sure which is the most effective and has the best reputation.
      Any suggestions?? I am eager to hear your experiences.
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          amspcs Ranger
          I am also interested in finding out if anyone has good experiences with anyone. I ran an email campaign recently, with disappointing results. The provider failed/refused to provide promised reports and confirmations, instead just expecting me to 'take their word' for how many ads were sent and to whom, which leads me to conclude I was scammed. Thankfully, I charged the campaign on a major cc which allowed to be initiate a chargeback and recoup my funds. I would suggest to anyone else contemplating an email campaing to also make sure they pay for it with a major cc to avoid getting scammed. If the provider insists on cash up front, don't walk
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Have you tried Constant Contact? It isn't dirt cheap but it has gotten good reviews.

              Email campaigns are not that hard to carry off, the key is crafting a message and designing an email that garners attention. The quality of your list is also going to play a huge factor in the number of responses.

              I am on the other side of this argument about being paid upfront, I have done work and not gotten paid for it so I require a portion upfront.
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              vnavguys Tracker
              I use Get Response and have had pretty good results. Remember the best way to get results is to have people sign up for your newsletter or give them some sort of free content to sign up for. Buying lists and randomly trying to email is pretty much spam with very few exceptions. I build my list and then slowly massage that list with coupons and free "stuff" You will build up a good list in no time. Here is a good rule to live by, the money is in the list.

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                jacovsamuel Newbie
                Marketing via email is a tricky matter. It is powerful, but easily
                abused. It is easy, but really difficult. May these tips, tricks and
                secrets make it easy and powerful for you.
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                  fccgold12 Wayfarer

                  You see most of the so called email marketing companies are junks, if they promised you massive traffic to your ads campaign you'll find out that they are rotating it within same set of visitors. It is much better to start with google free advertising, most Companies are seeing fast results with Google.

                    • Email Marketing campaign question for Home Business

                      E-mail marketing is  not that simple as most companies say.Unfortunately  Quite apart from the complexities of designing and delivering email messages to the right people, getting them to actually read and respond to your message, and measuring and analysing the results, there is the issue of permission.Responsible email narketing is based on the idea of permission. This is a complex issue and the subject of intense debate in the marketing community.Essentially, you need an email address owner's permission before you can send them a commercial email.If you don't have this permission,then receipents of your mail might regard your message as spam.





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                    • Email Marketing campaign question for Home Business


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