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    Home Based Business

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      Why you may want to think about starting a blog these days


      If you wonder what is the use of blogging, then the answers are as varied as the people who post them. People can set up blogs for personal reasons, but even a small business can use these sites to keep in touch with customers. An individual might wish to keep a blog for personal reflections or writings, or even to become part of a wider community. And of course there are those other blogs that gossip about famous people in the news.


      Businesses and home based business sites, on the other hand, might hope to keep in touch with customers, posting information about products and getting feedback. Additionally, the reason for the existence of news and gossip blogs is probably self-explanatory.


      The community aspects of blogging can open many doors for an individual. For example, you and several others might form what is simply a friendly community where people talk about their love of pets or books. Those with a health condition like diabetes or multiple sclerosis might give each other tips or encouragement. Blogs can be part of the wider social phenomenon, feeding into discussion forums and attached to photo sites. But a blogging community can have much more of an activist nature, albeit occasionally obnoxious too.


      What is the use of blogging then? The answer to that depends on what you need. Whether you'd like to catch up on the gossip about famous people, become part of a community, or just record your own thoughts and reflections, blogs can serve almost any purpose you need. Nobody should be fooled into thinking that blogging is nothing more than placing text, graphics and photos on a web page.
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          Nowadays this funda is very popular... so many people doing this kind of work by staying at home as well. I like to do as well..
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            I have noticed that none of your posts give any value to the community....why bother?
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              Great post! If you have a talent for the written word, you may even be able to earn an income at home by writing blogs for other people! That is becoming big business these days! Many people with websites do not have the time or the talent to write the many blog posts they need in order to not only get the word out about their product or topic but to keep up with the many blog spots they belong to! There are great places to find jobs as a writer from home such as and

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                Blogging not just for hobbyists anymore., a professional daddy blogger, cited research showing that in 2009, the average full-time blogger made over $85,000 a year. I'd say that's more than most of us here with regular sorts of jobs. Then again, there's a major difference between spending time on forums here or there versus fully dedicating yourself to making money from home-- and via a computer.

                In 2010, I predict that a lot more companies will hire folks like Debby in this thread-- highly educated workers who don't require office space and can do a good job from anywhere in the country. My apologies to those folks outside the US-- we've not been successful generally with offshore labor, but that's not to say it's not possible.

                So for those of you on this forum, there are a ton of companies looking to hire. For example, to run their social media campaigns. Look at what is doing with their daily gift card giveaway on twitter. That's perfect for a home-based worker.

                And that's not MLM or anything that requires that you sell out your friends.
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                  Hello Everyone!

                  I couldn't agree more. Blogging can be a very good resource when utilized properly in the context of small businesses. Apart from customer feedback and product updates, it can also serve as a very good crisis management tool for businesses that do not have access to mainstream media and PR channels.

                  Many a times, businesses experience lapses in their services, when their offering does not meet customer expaectations, or when a service is unavailable. A good way to avoid damage to your user base in such a situation is to communicate the issue through a pleasant and informative blog post to your followers; apologising for any inconvenience caused and letting them know of your solution for it.

                  Such communication can go a long way in building trust and loyalty among one's customer base.

                  Nice topic!