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    Quickbooks Point of Sale vs. Others

      I am looking for some feedback on anyone who is using Quickbooks Point of Sale.

      I have used Quickbooks as my accounting software for over 10 years and I have been very happy. I will be updating to Pro 2010 in the next month or so. At the point of sale, I have just been using a cash register that I picked up at Office Depot a few years back and entering sales off the daily z report. It has definately done the job but I am looking for updating that system to better track individual sales history, inventory etc.

      The business is a convenience store with the normal items, cigs, pop, food items, deli, fuel etc.

      I currently track over 25 seperate catagories and am able to have catagory history but not individual.

      Quickbooks seems to be the natural choice since I currently run and will continue to run that accounting software.

      Any thoughts?

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          amspcs Ranger
          We have several merchants using the QB POS systems, and they seem to be reasonably content. The system will probably do what you want it to do.

          But before you jump into a QuickBooks POS system, be aware of two huge drawbacks: One--everything Quickbooks is very proprietary. That means if you buy a QB POS system, you better be darn sure you absolutely head-over-heels LOVE
          Quickbooks processing services, because you'll be stuck with them for the rest of your life--the system won't work with any other processor. And two, you pay a terrible monetary price for falling into the QB proprietary trap, since their rates and fees are through the roof, and the terms of their agreement are among the worst I've ever seen (and I've seen them all).

          Better idea: Get a generic merchant account, and a QB plug-in module that allows you to process with ANY merchant processor, and still interface til your hearts content with your QB software.

          If you're still sold on the QB POS system, give me a holler. I can get it for you for a whole lot less than Intuit will sell it to you for. If you have any questions, reply to this post.


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              Thanks for the feedback. I currently do have a separate processor for merchant services and will definitely continue down that path. I am more interested in the inventory tracking and sales history. I don't necessarily need to link the two together. I can continue to enter daily sales off of any type of z report.

              Thanks again.

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                  amspcs Ranger
                  OK, that's great. You can continue to do as you are doing now,. Or I'd be happy to provide some links to well priced software and/or pos solutions that you can use with your existing merchant account, and
                  accomplish the tracking you want. I can also recommend a well priced plugin solution that will allow you to link with your QB software to avoid double entry,. If interested, please provide contact info and we'll talk
                  next week.