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    Help needed on Paypal check out!

    karenH Adventurer
      Hi Friends,

      I need your suggestions of on-line transaction service providers.

      We have used Paypal check out for a long time and did not find any problem before. However, this year some customers complained that they could not check out with their credit cards. But when we tested with our cards, no problem. We called Paypal, they said no problem.

      But we could see sales dropped on these days. Most customers will walk away if they cannot check out online.

      We found if we receive some chargeback cases, this problem might happen. Does anyone has the same experience?


      We are thinking to add the second online checkout method. Any suggestion?


      Thanks a lot for your help,


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          polarbears Newbie
          Paypal can be a bit "flaky" like that - and as you found out their support is quite minimal.

          Google checkout is a cheap option if you want to add a second checkout method.
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            seoservicepro Ranger
            Here is the problem, when taken to the paypal site, the place for them to login if they have a paypal account is much more visible than the small link that says use your credit card or whatever. I hava clients who havetold me they couldn't use their credit card until I show them there is a link there to do so.

            As an alternative as the other commenter said is to bill those people through google checkout or offer that alternative if you are talking about automated payments through your website.

            I use both, but I manually bill my clients. They aren't clicking a button to pay.
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              Crescent Newbie
              I used to own a online business, I sold on EBAY, the problem is that PAY PAL is abused not by the good hard working people of America and other Countries. I work in the merchant processing industry and the banking industry. Everyday credit cards and checking accounts are violated and hacked, then sold on the internet.

              These card numbers are then sold and used by thieves, I used to get people using credit cards and the address would be different from the shipping and the customer could'nt verify the billing address when I would call for security purposes, casue I got tired of the chargebacks. Then paypal started weeding through my customers cards or information, sales dropped off and my customers that were regulars were being turned down and I was losing money.

              Pay Pal is abused by millions of people and they offer a solution if your business does'nt mind waiting on funds and getting bad funds all of the time. It is not pay pals fault though, it's just that the thieves in the world have always found ways to penetrate peoples personal information.