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    Free Assistance for our users

    Brocante64 Wayfarer
      Because we have been there, we at Brocante64 know full well the difficulties facing a wannabe entrepreneur taking their first tentative steps into the big new world of eCommerce. Searching the internet for help we get bombarded by words, terms & phrases, most of which we have never heard before, let alone understand. Big companies with big budgets just pay someone, and their website appears magically before their eyes - a beauty to behold!!
      However the reality for most of us is that we don't have a big budget, but we have lots of ideas, and we desperately want to join this exciting phenomenon. Brocante64 already offer a simple low cost web page designed specifically with the small entrepreneur in mind, however in addition we also offer our users FREE one-on-one assistance aimed at maximising the impact of your new website. We talk through your ideas with you and offer our experience to help with your presentation.

      Unfortunately we cannot be free advisors to the world - really doesn't make financial sense!! - but anyone interested in using our site, contact us today and arrange your first consultation. Just go to the site, have a look around, and if you like what you see then just click the 'contact' button and send us an email telling us about your ideas plus the best time to contact you.

      Looking forward to hearing from you