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      How much is your time worth? How much can you gain with your time? Have you figured it out? If not, you should. To figure the minimum, figure out how much money you're making per year and divide it by 2,000. To figure the maximum, consider how much you make for your most productive time -- closing a deal, a speaking engagement, billable client time, etc. Somewhere in between there is the real value of your time.


      17. SAVE ELECTRICITY: Turn off lights when no one's around. (It doesn't cost more to turn lights on and off. It costs more to leave them on). Turn off copiers; unplug chargers, shut down computers over night. All use electricity even when idle. Use compact fluorescent bulbs or the new LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs - they use less electricity and pay off in savings over a few years. Use timers (or motion sensor) to turn lights off - or on - when appropriate.
      18. SAVE ON ALL UTILITIES: Turn down the thermostat (or up) - one degree makes a difference; 2-3 saves more. In winter, wear heavier clothing; in summer, dress cooler. Use a programmable thermostat-reduce heat and A/C use when gone or sleeping. Reduce water heater temperature settings; run only full loads in washers, dryers & dishwashers. Maintain your HVAC, and it can save you money. A humidifier in winter keeps the air feeling warmer, and reduces health problems due to winter dryness. Maintain furnace filters - change (or clean) them regularly.
      19. BUNDLE YOUR TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUYS: Negotiate a bundle of your phone & electronic communications. You get a better deal buying Internet, Phone and Data (and cable or satellite TV too, if you need it) from one source. Shop around. Cell phones added to a plan and bundled minutes are very economical. Call and ask for a better deal. If you need to keep a "wired phone line" negotiate that deal too. If they can't find one, talk to the department that keeps people from switching via price concessions (AT&T's is called "Retention").
      20. CLIP COUPONS & USE THEM: Use coupons and deals aggressively for office products. Some superstores will begin sending them every month. Other stores will honor them even if expired. Plan your purchases to maximize the savings-but only buy stuff you need. Use affinity plans that give you discounts too. Shop at super-discount places like Aldi Foods that sell house brands or generics. Many are made by major manufacturers and are as good as brand name goods. There are many coupon websites, and most major manufacturers, and some retailers have coupons too.
      Finally, smile a lot and keep an upbeat attitude. Make "saving time and money" into "fun." Give recognition to employees who find new ways of saving money. A "certificate" and praise - in front of peers - are very valuable motivators.
      If the people you work with see you with a positive, can do attitude, that's contagious. Try it - it works.
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