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    Fight the Recession – add income streams to your business

    Brocante64 Wayfarer

      We all know just how expensive it is to run a website and this often stops us from floating our other ideas. But in these days of uncertainty we all need to investigate other potential sources of income, however saddling these ideas with the cost of a website will kill them off before they ever see the light of day.


      Brocante64 are offering a unique solution to help those ideas germinate without the threat of being terminated by budget constraints.


      In common with other such sites, Brocante64 gives you templates to display your text and photos, but that is where the similarity ends:- by using the brocante64 as a sub-domain there are no domain name registration or hosting costs, but, more importantly, using a sub-domain will give your site almost immediate visibility on the search engines. We find that new sites will get a first page ranking within two to three weeks - something that is impossible with a new domain name which can take up to six months (and massive SEO) to get any sort of visibility.


      "Great oak trees from small acorns grow" is the proverb, get those ideas growing today and see what emerges - the cost will be negligible, but the reward could be the future of your company.

      contact us for more questions through our website