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    Google Voice - what is it

    Scotcher Wayfarer
      Has anyone tried Google Voice? What is it exactly? And how have you been using it?
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          Annissa Newbie
          Google voice is a way to have a universal number-with this universal number you can have a number of phones (cell, home and business) mapped to it. The convenience of such a number is that when a call comes in-the caller is asked their name-your phone rings and if you want to accept the call you do so and it comes through. However if you do not know the person or cannot take the call at that time-it goes to voicemail and you will receive a text of the call. In addition to receiveing the text, if you go online your inbox will have the actual voice message that can be played and listened to as well as the text message that was sent. You can also block a caller in Google voice so they will not be able to contact you. David Pogue a technology guru and writer for the New York Times wrote a great article about Google Voice-go to and search goolge voice for his article-I think you will find it helpful. Hope I helped in a small way too.
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            goodfelas Wayfarer
            good by phone bill,, i am waiting for past 4 weeks. they said it should lunch with in next 2 weeks



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