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    California Bumped Up State Income Tax Rate by 10% On Nov 1

    karenH Adventurer

      Effective on Nov 1, 2009, the amount of state income taxes withheld from California workers' paychecks is going up by 10 percent. For low-income earners, the california state withholding change has minor effects. However for those with higher wages, this state withholding change will have bigger impacts.


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        • Re: California Bumped Up State Income Tax Rate by 10% On Nov 1
          phanio Pioneer
          Sad to see this happening - would be better if they found was to cut expenses. But, most politians only know how to rasie money (including taxes) but never understand how to cut costs - like nearly all businesses have to do these day. I guess it is just easy to rasie taxes instead of making hard choices. Raise taxes on Monday - then go play the rest of the week.

          What is sadder - is that all states will follow. If you think about how much you pay in taxes now (state, local, federal) nearly half if not more goes out in taxes. if we keep this up - within a decade - you will only be working to pay taxes - there will be none left over for you. Plus, add in these healthcare bills and you will have to get a second job just to keep up with your tax obligations.

          Sad but true!