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    Providing Employee Benefits

    odgrell Adventurer
      Does anyone out there have less than five employees that they provide benefits (medical, dental, 401k) for? How much does this cost and is it worth-while for a small business?
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          phanio Pioneer
          Costs depend on your employees - especailly medical benefits - how healthy they are, how healthly their family is.. You can easily set up a 401(k) or simple IRA program for your employees - there are many programs out there that are really not that expensive and they manage the entire process. Most large companies use other firms like Fidelity to run and manage theirs. You can also go on BuyerZone ( and get free price quotes.

          The real question is are you losing employees or have low moral due to not having these programs. This is the real cost - especailly in lost productivity or employee turnover. These types of programs can be really beneficial to your business by keeping employees loyal and engaged.

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