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    need help financially

    sahathom Wayfarer

      i would like some real suggestions(no scams) in trying to get a loan to pay old debts etc. I just want to start off on a clean slate, with one monthly payment. Problem is due to my past debts, i have very bad credit and no one that can cosign for me. Is there any help out there to get without getting completely scammed?

      So far, i have paid off a couple of debts, but still have ways to go. I have cut off everything i can so i can pay more into these monthly payments, but i cant cut anymore if i am still going to survive.
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          amspcs Ranger
          It's very admirable that you want to pay off your debts, instead of just bailing on them via bankrupcy. The sad truth is that with bad credit, paricularly in these hard times, you're going to have a very hard
          time finding someone to take a chance on you and fork over cash when you apparantly have a documented history of not paying back oboligatgions as agreed to. About your only chance for a loan would probably be frfom a very close relative. Beyond that, you just need to keep paying off your debts as best you can for as long as it may take, and take your medicine like a man. One thing you could do is perhaps negotiate with your debtors to lower or eliminate your interest rates so that you can pay the debt down faster by applying more to principle and less to interest monthly. And you are smart and astute to be very skepticle of the credit repair scams, which most of not all of them are.
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            phanio Pioneer
            Great that you are being proactive. You will not believe how much pressure is off you and how many doors will open for you once you fix your credit. There are legitimate companies that can help you just as there are scammer. The key is to do your homework and keep your eye out for red flags.

            The biggest red flag is paying an upfront fee. The second is getting guarantees that are just too good to be true.

            A good place to start is with the three credit bureaus - see who they recommend or are affilated with. We also list some legitimate companies on our website under our debt consolidation tab.

            Best of luck - and keep at it - it will pay off in the long run!

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