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    Party rental business

    goodfelas Wayfarer

      HI every one


      Just running ideas in my head, any ideas on how to start party rentals business,


      Anybody familiar with this line of work



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          emartdec Newbie
          Hello friend ,

          I have found a link which is related to parti renatl business.

          For more details you can check out the link given below .

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            First, Make sure you have a budget. You are going to need delievering trucks. Guys to haul it. The warehouse to hold the party rental equipment. You can start small or big. But once you get the capital make sure you get a Website Built to advertise you online. . That way when someone gos to google and type in Party Rental gear ect ect they will be able to contact you. See what you have to rent, prices ect. Then consider getting Search Engine Optimization on yoru website while it is being built. That way when peopel do search for you on the web they will find you on the Search Engine faster. I would also hire a advetising agency. Also someone to do your scheduling. Research online about starting a business from the ground up. Call rental business's and ask questions without letting them know your about to be a competitor. Read allot and make sure your ready for the ups and downs. Be open minded about everyones ideas and comments. But most of all go with your gut becuase its you who has to look yourself in the mirror every day and be happy with your choice in every thing.