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    Direct Mail Marketing is Alive and Well and bringing in lots

    Dataguy Newbie

      For as long as there has been a US Mail service we have heard complaints about


      Proverbial "junk mail". Everyone complains about it but most open, read it and


      every year it generates billions in sales. Here are a few tips on how it will work for you and your business.


      First decide what you what your direct mail campaign to accomplish:

      • Make prospective customer in your trade area aware of your business. This is especially valuable when sent out to new households moving into your area.
      • Announce a sale or event your business is having.
      • Offer specials on specific products or services.


      After you decide there are four main components to consider for your campaign.


      1. Your mailing list. Who are the best prospects for your mailing.
      2. Your mail piece. What is the best way to convey your campaign.
      3. Your offer. It needs to be relevant and attention getting.
      4. Postage: Do not overlook the cost of postage and different ways you may be able to save.


      1. Your mailing list is probably the most important component. It will not make a
      difference how good your mail piece looks or how great the offer if it does not get to
      the right prospects. Most mailing lists providers can furnish you with similar lists, but
      prices and service can vary greatly. Check out more than one and compare prices.


      2. Your mail piece is what will get you "in the door" . A well designed large postcard
      is the best way to get noticed and quickly convey your message to your prospect.


      3. Your offer will be the decision maker. Does you prospect need and can afford your
      product or service? Give them a good reason to buy or come in today! Make sure to
      add urgency with a time limit or certain dates.


      4. Postage can run from 20% to 40% of your total cost per mail piece. Be sure to include
      this in your initial planning and budgeting. You may get discounts by mailing to
      every address on the mail routes in a select area. Check with your Post Office.


      Here are a couple of ideas that have worked for thousands of small businesses:


      Use business to business direct mail to promote your business to the employees of other


      businesses in your area. Select businesses with a certain number of employees and send them a promotional piece with lots of coupons attached good for specials at your business. This works great for restaurants, dry cleaners and specialty shops. Think about what your employees purchase on the way to or on the way home from work or during their lunch hours. You will be providing other business owners with a way to offer their


      employee specials on services they need. It is a win-win promotion.


      For your direct marketing to your consumer prospects make sure to fine tune your mailing list as much as possible. Base your geography on your knowledge of where your current customers are coming from. Using a driving radius out from your business is a good way to plan. You should also think about your current customers and have your mailing list provider compile a list for you that most closely matches these customers.


      If you are a pet groomer, select only households with dogs or cats. If you are selling higher ticket items make sure the names on your lists have adequate wealth and income to afford your product. You get the idea, again, the better the list the better your response will be.


      Remember, there are no filters (like email) , or do not mail like the do-not-call lists, so


      Get the most bang for your advertising bucks with direct mail. Good Selling!



      Jim Wallert, owner of JWallMarketing has over 35 years of successful experience working with all types and sizes of businesses in developing profitable direct marketing and direct mailing campaigns. Jim works with clients to deliver the right list for their


      needs at great prices with low minimum order requirements. Your custom targeted list counts and quotes are always free. Contact Jim at
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          dpeterson Wayfarer
          I still use direct mail marketing. The cost of doing it "alone" and not using a service that is bundling other advertisers in together is getting higher. In fact my last three mailers were all postcards - for the reason that it is just far cheaper to mail a postcard and you can get a good response.

          The lists are very easy to find and fairly inexpensive, just go to There are about a million different types of lists you can pull and typically once you get the list you own it. So I use it to also call the prospects after I have mailed them.

          These days for my Atlanta Sales and Consulting business I focus on using the US Postal Service as my introductory letter. In other words I use it to make the introduction...I will be following up via the phone once I think that the prospect got initial letter.

          Definitely mail - just watch your costs.

          David Peterson - President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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            GotVision Newbie
            I agree. Direct mail is still a quite viable source of lead generation.

            Combined with some of the new technology of including dynamic Personalized URLs (
            ) on the mailers to drive folks to custom dynamic VIP landing mail will continue to grow and thrive.
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                Dataguy Newbie
                HI, While Direct Marketing is a great way to find and contact targeted prospects there are a couple of things
                to watch for:

                Most reputable list providers "rent" their lists either for a one time use or for unlimited use for one year. However
                new postal regulations require that a mailing list be updated against the National Change of Address Database at
                least every 95 days to make sure that the person you are mailing to is still at the address you are using. (See
                article "Watch our for the mailing list police" in this forum) Once a prospect has responded to your mailing then
                you may add them to your own customer database for repeat mailings, but need to update this every 95 days.

                Also while phone numbers are available for consumers not on the "do no call" list, you still must have a SAN number
                to make prospecting calls. (See at

                Since the list is the least expensive part of your marketing campaign it is wise to make sure your list is up to date
                and conforms to Postal and Gov regulations to make sure they get to the right prospects who are willing to receive

                Good selling.