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    Hotel Motel convert to Dorm Educational Living

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      Brandt Corp to make assumable all Lease holdings and or lender to act in compliance as the new holder in the event of default of the debtor Brandt Corp. Lease terms and condition available upon request and where as a final contract review pending acceptance of both terms and conditions are confidential in nature as they may be financially damaging to the Brandt Corporation as they remain confidential to the Corporation. The Brandt Corporation will also list as additional insured with proper insurance.



      Income generated


      Units of usage is 335 units with 5 being reserved for Residence Hall Coordinators or (RHC) 1 suite being on sight office and Administrative office of Brandt Corp with a sharing rights to Appropriate Education foundation of Record. 1 unit being House Room for 24 hour on sight personal to include maintenance, security and any liaison for property involvement. Leaving 328 Units to perform. Each unit is leased in terms and conditions set forth in Agreements with the Educational department and Brandt Corp at a Rate of 140.00 per unit a week with 2 students in each unit. 140.00 net weekly x 328 units = 45,920.00 (Week) 183,680.00 per month and 2,204,160.00 yearly rate. Each student signs a lease agreement equal to that of their chosen field of study not to exceed 1-year lease and a minimum of 6 months concurrent with their studies. Calculations were done only on 48 weeks leaving 4 weeks as a margin of profit. In addition to study there is additional income from, Banquet, bar, retail shops. This also was not included as we did not want to base the concept of success on rental and or street traffic study's as the information was not part of our business model even though the aspect is their.


      Additional Income or Sale


      Main Building to be renovated and shared to provide computer lab, Lounge, athletic room and facilities for banquet, rental hall with license. Brandt Corp to build out per Demonstration of Dormitory. In closing any funds collected from signs and or sale of or lease of land and or future aspects of the purchase will first be applied to lender and credited to the buyer as a principal payment and will remain in affect with the lender as non transferring until said lender has been satisfied to this debt.




      In today's economy and current forecast we show that trends in America are to be more focused on local Education and Training aspects. Washington has been and is currently funding more and more educational pilots at record levels. Thus allowing for Americas leading edge in education and bringing standards of education to all aspects of Americans. In reviewing local economics and standards this project has little if any complaint from neighboring business in the hotel industry as this plan does not rely on the norm in which we have seen many fail to perform or make good on current loans and or their day to day financial responsibility. The proposal at hand actually sparks the trend of further vacation and visitation to the Kissimmee Florida market and locally to the Vine St areas surrounding the Parks and University's.


      Respectfully John G Brandt